Why Millennials Make Great Employees

“Millennials are lazy, entitled, and allergic to hard work.”

I know a lot of people from Generation X who still feel this way about millennials. Heck, I used to be one of them.

I thought millennials were so entitled and emotionally fragile that they ran from the first sign of stress and hard work.

Now, 85% of my high performance team is made up of millennials. And  they’re running my empire like no one’s business.

Truth of the matter is, millennials have factory installed skill sets that Generation Xers don’t have, don’t want to learn, and it would be difficult to teach someone not in that generational gap.

Social media marketing, creating and uploading videos, using advanced software, all these things that us older generations aren’t as savvy in, millennials dominate.

But that’s not all they bring to the dinner table.

Craig talks about a very good point: Millennials have a strong drive to bring social justice into the workplace.


Because they don’t have boundaries. Baby boomers were raised with the idea that you should keep your work separate from your personal and charity life.

For some reason, millennials have grown up to believe that we should be making charity part of our business image.

And I totally agree.

Millennials Believe in Social Justice

Stella Artois does this thing where when you buy a pint of Stella, Water.org will donate clean water to a family in a third world country who needs it.

Or Toms Shoes donates a pair of shoes when you buy a pair of Toms.

So I went to my team and I said “Guys, I think we can do one better.”

As a Gen Xer, my whole thing is I’ll build a business, make money, and then carve a portion of that to donate to the causes I believe in.

But then I thought, what if we could do something bigger and better. So I went to my team, and I asked them “What if we could tie in our business with a social cause.”

That social cause being Toys for Tots.

It was that meeting that led us to change the entire web special model – the 21 Days for $67 model on Fit Body Boot Camp websites worldwide.

We decided that we would raise the price to $69, and put those extra $2, plus $1 from my pocket, towards Toys for Tots.

So for every new client that any Fit Body Boot Camp location gets, we’re donating $3 to Toys for Tots.

To me, that is true contribution. And let me tell you, it was my millennial team who came up with the process, the marketing, and the sales page layout.

Teamwork and Collaboration are Key

Because of this factory installed desire to make a bigger impact, millennials seem to have a deeper level of teamwork built in.

You don’t have to go invest thousands of dollars in team building exercises because guess what? They already WANT to collaborate with each other.

My HQ truly has one of the most collaborative work environments ever. Before we moved into our new building, it was designed so that everyone had their own little cubicle with a closed door.

Total isolation from everyone else, and I wasn’t happy with that. That’s not how my team would grow to their highest potential.

So I knocked down the walls and created an open space so we could have a collaborative environment with positive competition.

I’ve had people tell me “What happens if they start talking too much? How do you stop that?”

Listen, the reality is, they’re gonna talk no matter what. Even if they’re stuck in a cubicle, they’re probably going to be talking through instant messenger or text message.

So instead of wagging my finger at them and saying “don’t do that”, I tell them “Look, you’re all adults. Here’s your KPI’s, make sure you’re meeting them. And if you want to chit chat for a little in between and decompress before going back to GSDing, go for it.”

And they do!

Driven to Constantly Evolve

Not only are millennial employees selfless and team oriented, they are still open minded to learning.

Back in the day, once people finished school they never wanted to look at another book again.

But millennials today are so interested in lifelong learning, whether that be through courses or through self development.

In fact, unlike the generations before, they have this desire to constantly evolve and self educate to become the best version of themselves.

One thing I really love about millennials that I don’t think a lot of people have picked up is, they are driven to be entrepreneurs.

They were raised to think differently and openly. They believe they if they create something the world wants, they too can be an entrepreneur.

When I find those millennials, those are the ones who excites me the most. I bring them into my world and I say “You can be an intrepreneur within my entrepreneur structure.”

I give so much freedom to my team to become intrepreneurs within my empire so that they can come to a place where they can exercise their creativity to the benefit of my business.

Treat Them Like the Special Snowflake They Are

People always say “oh these millennials think they’re special snowflakes.”

Fuck yeah you’re a special snowflake!

I want my team to feel special, because that’s the mentality you need to become an entrepreneur.

When I was working for Disney, I always knew I was meant for something bigger. I knew I wasn’t meant to work for someone else, and I knew there was something special about me.

For Craig, all it took was a voice in his head while he was working in the fields tell him “You are special”. And he’s acted on that voice ever since.

Give your millennial team a sense of purpose and significance, and say “Look, I’m not gonna tell you what to do. I’m gonna tell you what our end outcome is, set KPI’s to show me you’re playing your part, and then run with it and be an intrepreneur in my entrepreneur world.”

Unfortunately, it took me a whopping half a decade to figure it out. I used to feel like I needed to download the information for them, and then have them ask me for permission to do the next thing.

Now, the way I see it is if you have another way to skin the cat that’s going to get us to our goals, share it with me!

Hell, get out there and do it! And if your way gets us to our goals faster, I’m gonna financially reward you for it.

Once you embrace the fact that your team is unique, it becomes a win-win.

Make sure you’re always nurturing the growth, creativity, and skills of your team. Trust me, when you do that, they’re gonna put their heart and soul into your business.

And you’ll be able to watch your empire grow like never before.

To watch Craig and I cover all of this and more, click here to watch the podcast!

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