Why You Have an Obligation to Relentlessly Sell

Ever pitch something and thought you sounded too “salesy”? Or maybe you’ve heard pitches like that somewhere…

Because of that, the word “selling” is taboo to many entrepreneurs.

Look, you need to reframe the way you think: selling is NOT sleazy (unless the seller tries really hard to be).

In fact, you have an obligation to sell your product or service if you truly believe it’s better than anything else out there.


Follow-Up Shows Your Passion

I have four main channels I use to follow up with leads: text, phone call, email, and social media.

But the key isn’t to  become the ultimate social guru. I mean, sure it helps, but there’s something more important you need to focus on…

Being relentless.

Always be in front of your leads. It communicates how passionate you are about your product or service. They’ll eventually respond in one of two ways…

  1. They’ll tell you to stop reaching out (rare)
  2. They’ll buy what you’re selling

Again, selling becomes natural when you feel absolutely confident that your prospects need what you’re selling them. And when you know your product or service well enough, you can show your leads why they can’t walk away from what you’re offering.


Goodwill Goes a Long Way

Follow-up is NOT about being a pest. It’s not about asking people for money.

The people you reach out to have busy, stressful lives. The last thing they want is to be annoyed by someone they don’t know.

So instead, build their trust. Send them content—videos, encouraging texts, tips, books—that they’ll appreciate and can benefit them.

Craig recently bought a few copies of Ben Hardy’s new book and sent out to some of his leads. One of those leads ended up paying for a workshop with him.

Worth it, right?

Stay in the front of their mind. When life does calm down, they’ll consider what you’re offering.


You Need Social Proof

I can sell as hard as I want to, but some people will still be skeptical of what I’m offering. Again, sales is taboo in today’s world.

But when you present client testimonials and success stories, you’re giving the lead an objective reason to commit to your program. They go from saying, “I’m not sure I can trust this” to, “Wow, other people are getting the results that I want!”

But you still need to relentlessly follow up with your clients to get the social proof you need.

Be specific. Ask them for a written testimonial, a picture, a testimonial video—anything that proves that your business can solve the problem that your leads have.


The First Sale Is Only the Beginning…

Sales persistence is getting a client and keeping a client.

Your first sale is when you get the client. It’s when your relationship with them forms, when they trust you enough to pay you X amount for Y service.

But follow-up is the key to building your empire.

That client that payed you once? Get them to pay you on a recurring basis. Ask them what other problems they might have, and offer them even more solutions.

That’s how businesses grow and stabilize themselves for the future.


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