Work/Life Balance is a Myth

The personal development “gurus” have it all wrong… again. 

The other day I heard a life coach with a blue check mark talking about creating work/life balance and how vital that is if you want to live a good life. 


Look, if you’re tired of burning the candle at both ends and white-knuckling it through work and life while being an entrepreneur…

…let me clear something up for you and help you out by crushing this Work/Life Balance myth once and for all. 

Pay attention.

I’m married. I have 2 kids (a 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl).We’ve got 2 dogs and 1 cat. And I’m a serial entrepreneur with multiple companies and a big team at HQ. 

I share this to tell you that with these businesses and personal responsibilities, I’m still able to make it home for dinner every night and have plenty of family time. 

None of this would be possible if I had “Work/Life Balance”.

I rode that train and went flying off the rails and had a massive panic attack… nearly lost it all.

So how did I expand my empire while still being fit, leading my business and making time and loving up my family?

I’m glad you asked. I call it a Work-Life Mix. 

==> Go here to see the truth about “work-life” mix

Talk soon

Bedros Keuilian