Episode 22

How to Build Your Business into a Brand

In this episode, Craig and Bedros talk about the seven strategies behind building a brand for your business. Today, people don’t solely buy things for the service it provides. They buy into the personal identity of your business. The more connected customers feel to your brand, the more you can dominate the competition in your market.

“A brand is loved and gets people excited.”

– Craig

Here’s what you’ll discover:
2:25 – How Fit Body Boot Camp builds a deep connection with the end user by stepping out of the studio and into the community.
4:03 – How bringing charity into your business inspires global and local change while adding a competitive edge.
6:58 – Why you need to embrace change and lead with courage and confidence before you perish.
9:43 – Why building morale around your brand will create a strong culture and crush the competition.
15:10 – How building your team members up into fighter jets grows your brand and impact.

“Leading with courage and confidence simply means that we are in the changing times.”

– Bedros


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