If you had a f*cked up childhood and struggle with your inner demons…

I want to let you know – you’re not alone feeling this way.

It took me nearly 3 decades to tell anyone I was consistently molested by two older boys in Armenia.

Many of us have gone through some sort of trauma before. But trauma shouldn’t be a d!ck measuring contest cause trauma is trauma.

I learned this from my therapist, Kevin.

If you’ve experienced any trauma as a kid, it’s more than likely f*cked up your childhood.

Nothing will change what happened to you (unless you have a time machine).

What’s happened, happened. 

Yet that doesn’t mean it’s your fault. You were just a kid.

We didn’t have control over what happened to us.

But what we do have control of is how it’ll affect our future.

Another way to say this: It’s your fault if you stay a f*cked up adult who repeats f*cked up patterns that f*ck up your life.

Unf*king yourself is hard work, but it’s the greatest work we can ever do because of the ripple effect it creates in our lives.

Yet few are willing to step up to the plate. This is why I created… 

The Modern-Day Knight Project to help men unf*ck themselves so they can break free from the toxic cycles stopping them from reaching their full potential.

The Squire Program to help young boys have a rite of passage to manhood so they can become confident leaders of the future. 

And it’s why I invested in Few Will Hunt, who created a movement of restoring the dignity of HARD WORK.

Unf*cking yourself is hard work, my friend. 

I’m still doing it now, even at the ripe age of 47 years old. Which is great because the more work I do, the better my relationship with my wife, son, and daughter gets.

I’d love for this to happen to you too.

So if you’re doing the work, I respect your noble pursuit and let me know how I can support you.

To your success,


Bedros Keuilian