Episode 119

Use Your Outside Voice With Jason Capital

Were you told to use your inside voice as a kid? This week, one of Craig Ballantynes students, Jason Capital stops by to talk about how he found success in his voice and how others can too. He talks about some of his processes and what helps him stay above the rest. From reading hundreds of books to changing your state, Jason has really honed in on what it takes to be successful at such a young age.

“They’re not buying the message as much as they are buying the messenger.”
“The more I fail elegantly, the faster I going to learn.”
“People are more interested in who they are going to be than what they are going to get.”
“Your state is 100% your responsibility at all times.”

– Jason Capital

Here’s what you’ll discover:
04:41 – Power speaking will make you sales
13:29 – How Jason knows when to switch gears
24:40 – People care more about their role then their paycheck
36:28 – Change your state

“Know yourself.”
“You can not have a physical transformation without a mental transformation.”
“Do not reject yourself.”

– Craig Ballantyne

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