Episode 125

Women On Top With Cindy Eckert

Cindy isn’t in the tech industry, the fitness industry, or any industry that might seem normal to most people. Cindy is in the sexual medicine industry! Her unique business making “Female Viagra” brought her a billion dollar exit and now she’s passionate about focusing on women’s health and making a difference in people’s lives. Cindy tells her story of how she was able to develop her purpose and take matters into her own hands. Listen to hear Cindy’s amazing story and get inspired to make a difference!

“Success comes from having the courage to go for it.”
“Get into sales and work your way up.”
“I was on a path of learning.”

– Cindy Eckert

Here’s what you’ll discover:
11:31 – How Cindy Eckert developed her purpose
13:22 – The cost of success
18:51 – Cindy’s transition into being an entrepreneur
26:26 – Be careful who you take money from
31:08 – Cindy sold her profitable company to pursue something risky
39:19 – The billion dollar exit

“Declare what you want.”
“If I fail it’s on me, if I succeed it’s on me.”

– Bedros Keuilian

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