Episode 133

Empire: The Immigrant Edge with Michael Gelfgot

On this episode of Inside Look, Bedros sits down with fellow immigrant and entrepreneur, Michael Gelfgot. Michael tells us about his upbringing in Uzbekistan and how he was able to overcome his poverty and make a killing in the fitness industry! After selling his 21 clubs, he could have easily retired. Listen to find out what he does now!

“I believe that successful people need to have a set of disciplines.”
“There is no such thing as I may or may not do this.”
“When there is no purpose, you die.”
“We all know, inherently, what we need to do.”

– Michael Gelfgot

Here’s what you’ll discover:
06:30 – How Michael and Bedros met
19:17 – When Michael decided he wanted to go all in on his business
22:39 – Do you have non negotiables throughout your day?
27:14 – Why Michael didn’t retire
33:29 – Michael’s journey from Uzbekistan to America
38:03 – Get leverage
39:22 – Michael’s morning routine

“You must learn how to ruthlessly manage your people and your profits.”

– Bedros Keuilian

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