Episode 136

Empire: Reaching a Higher Level of Success

Is there another level of success that you can tap in to? On this episode of the Empire Podcast, Craig and I talk about how to tap into that next level. Did you know that the difference between boiling water and steam is only 1 degree?! What if you could tap into that next level of business and life by only changing by 1 degree? Listen and find out how you can stand out from the rest and reach that next level!

“What is stopping you?”
“Change your surroundings!”
“You want to own it, and not let it own you.”

– Craig Ballantyne

Here’s what you’ll discover:
01:19 – How Bedros was able to tap into higher levels of success
02:40 – Look at who you spend the most time with
07:03 – Reasons to unfollow or unfriend people on social media
09:33 – How to sleep better
16:26 – The 8 things that move the needle and create impact
23:35 – Reaching the point of internal consequences

“You can’t take a crop duster to war.”
“Entrepreneurs are all or nothing.”
“You must constantly press yourself against challenges.”

– Bedros Keuilian

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