Episode 139

Keep Pushing Forward, with Dawn Birch

When the world is against you, don’t give in and fold. Push forward! If you’re passionate about something, don’;t let anything stop you from reaching your goals. On this episode of Inside Look, Dawn Birch, founder and CEO of Urbal Activ, stops by the studio to tell us how she went from working for the White House to starting a massive CBD company. Dawn tells us how she was able to persevere and overcome her challenges even though it seemed like everyone was trying to shut her down!

“I saw that there was a problem and I wanted to be the solution.”
“We went for it because we were passionate about doing some good and helping people.”
“Step up. You got to find solutions.”

– Dawn Birch

Here’s what you’ll discover:
09:49 – The importance of getting in front of a trend.
14:58 – What makes Urbal Activ different from the rest?
18:12 – The challenges of being an entrepreneur.
24:20 – Why didn’t Dawn quit when everything was against her?
26:28 – The secret to focus.

“Your purpose will change decade to decade, phase to phase.”
“You’re going to encounter many adversities and challenges.”
“That’s what entrepreneurs do, we figure it out.”
“How much shit are you willing to eat to get to the outcome you want?”

– Bedros Keuilian

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