Episode 192


Sean “Buck” Rogers comes to HQ to sit with Bedros on The Empire podcast during the weekend of The Squire Program!

Sean drops tons of gems regarding the correlations between life and combat, the shocking revelations he’s had from his life experiences, and he walks us through his journey that led him to being a successful content creator and entrepreneur dropping value to thousands who are looking to improve and serve.


“Don’t make yourself larger than life, so he doesn’t think he can make it. Just be a normal dude so he knows that he has just as much a chance to make it, as you, and you’re not special”

– Sean “Buck’ Rogers, The FNG Academy


0:00 – Introduction 

0:40  – Bedros introduces Sean to The Empire Army, and the specifics to Sean’s bigger purpose for being at           HQ 

3:14  – Bedros asks about the young Sean’s upbringing, parental influences, and how he grew up to be who           he is today 

20:40 – Sean touches on his relationship with his siblings & how they maneuvered the situations they faced 

26:20 – Regarding Sean’s book, he asks how the family has since responded to it

29:14 – Rewinding back, Sean explains the refuge in his Dad, and the GAMES he was forced to play with           The POLICE

40:00 –  Bedros helps clarify the lay of the land..

46:59 – Sean walks us through his after high school life and some mishaps on his journey into adulthood

54:10 – Bedros asks Sean how he flipped his switch to make progress on his life and Bedros goes back and           forth on stories along the way 

1:05:30 – Sean tells how the light was sparked towards joining The Army and how the spark was fanned           into a flame

1:14:09 – Sean tells us about the chapter in his life with The Denver Police Department, and the           happenings through 2020

1:18:20 – Sean explains what led him to working solo and taking his success into his own hands 

1:24:18 – Bedros asks Sean about “rituals” and the symbolism behind them

1:29:30 – What are some goals ahead for Sean when it comes to entrepreneurship?

1:36:05 – Sean flips the script and asks a question for Bedros to answer regarding transitions of success

1:44:13 –  As Bedros closes this episode out, he asks Sean how he got the nickname “Buck” 


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