Episode 150

Empire: Being Black in America – Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke

The United States and the World are experiencing trying times of historical magnitude. Today’s podcast is here to give you an incredible perspective from Bedros and Navy SEAL Remi on the state of the world, racism , and the impacts of our situation on business.

“Racism itself is another pandemic”
“The media’s job is to sell adspace and serve political agendas..”
“Our past experiences strongly form our current beliefs”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
06:20 – Addressing George Floyd’s death and how things need to change
17:45 – The issue faced with political parties and the extreme loyalty side effect
22:10 – Remi’s deep dive perspective on what being Black in America looks like
25:00 – Bedros’ story with carjacking in connection to racial stigmas developed from experiences
31:00 – The objective analysis of human behavior and how this may be impacting the way we take in information
33:45 – The media, it’s goals and why we are so hooked into it

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