Episode 108

Cody Sperber: Your Idea of Money is Wrong

In this episode of Inside Look, Cody Sperber comes back to Empire for his “1st” time and tells us about his journey to become a real estate guru. Cody has been through hell and back but has undoubtedly found his reigns! He explains creative real estate investing and how he has leveraged his social media along the way. Cody and Bedros also connect on taking their armor off at the end of the day.

“Financial literacy is at an all time low.“
“Revenue feeds the ego. Profits feed the family.”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
02:53 – How Cody kickstarted his million dollar career
06:00 – What got Cody so fired up about real estate
09:19 – Cody breaks down and illustrates for us what creative real estate investing really is
16:04 – Why Cody wasn’t seeing the results he thought he deserved
18:43 – What the last straw was for Cody and what made him turn his life around
23:25 – The real reasons why Cody teaches about money instead of real estate
35:28 – Cody’s top secret model for crushing it on youtube
50:54 – What being truly successful actually means to Cody

“We are rigged to think traditionally.”
“Just because you’re an entrepreneur does not mean you are good with money.”
“You have to meet people where they are.”
“Cash flow management before anything else.”

– Cody Sperber

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