Episode 156

Move it or Die …

So you want to be an entrepreneur huh… Excellent ! The world of entrepreneurship has its perks and glamour. There is still so much that goes unseen by the public eye to truly bring a business to fruition. In today’s episode, Bedros and successful UK entrepreneur Rob Hewitt dive into the depths of their experience in the world of business and share with you the unseen aspects of business that you need to know to succeed.

“An entrepreneur has to be highly adaptable and able to pivot with the circumstances if they want to succeed.”
“As a leader your job is to find the problems and solve them.“
“Confidence and Belief in self is the force multiplier of success”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
8:43 – Why Pivoting is essential to entrepreneurship
13:30 – Bet on yourself , here’s how to block out the doubt internal and external…
16:03 – The Reasons why your team should NOT agree on everything
18:50 – The X-Factor to your success
25:30 – The reason why hard work alone does not equate success
30:00 – The most important parts of business


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