Episode 159

Attack The Hill

Some men have what it takes to achieve the most powerful versions of themselves, the majority do not. In this episode you’ll discover the greatest takeaways Bedros, Ray ‘Cash’ Care and Steve Ekhart share from their experiences coaching and leading men in the PROJECT. You’ll also discover more about what the LTD Project is and how you can personally work with Ray and Steve to rapidly drive impact in your organization.

“When you start approaching life with the attack the hill mindset, you’re going to be more dominant in everything that you do with your family, your fitness, your finances and your faith”

– Ray ‘Cash’ Care

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:07 – Meet Steve Eckert, Marine, Entrepreneur and kick ass Project Instructor and discover his first big commitment in life.
2:50 Meet Ray ‘Cash’ Care the Navy Seal, Entrepreneur and Project instructor and discover his journey to becoming a Navy Seal from a young age.
8:00 The Project is born and gets its name from Bedros business partner, MMA fighter and V.P. of TRULEAN supplements Erin Alejandrino.
8:47 Hear how the final PROJECT instructor came about and see how this former SWAT officer Matt Snyder helps men become modern day knights.
11:10 The best way to understand what the project is and what it can do for you as a man committed to leveling up in your life no matter the cost.
12:20 Can you resist the urge to quiet when it truly gets difficult?
13:00 Ray explains what BUDS training in the seals is and how he built it into the PROJECT program.
17:30 What makes the PROJECT truly unique and what it takes to really last after you graduate. The standard must be kept in order to remain a modern day Knight.
23:24 Success in one area of your life doesn’t equal success in all areas of your life. You must be well rounded.
28:44 Steve breaks down what’s going on in the mind right before someone quits in the PROJECT or in life. You have two types of thoughts during reflection.
30:37 Desk time and Bedros personal favorite desk time activity during the PROJECT. Bitch, Best and the Beast.
32:47 Attack the hill and why this mind set is required to grow into the most powerful version of yourself that’s built to last.
39:40 What is the LTD Project and who is it built for? Discover how Ray and Steve work with Entrepreneurs and their teams to rapidly drive impact and growth.
50:00 Ray and Steve share their funniest moments from the military and how staying positive when in the most difficult of times is the real key to dominating life and business adversities.

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