Episode 162

Athlete Entrepreneur

What the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders do to constantly keep improving over time.

How can you keep getting better?

“Optimize on every level from the physical, to spiritual, to mental and when you do you’ll be the high performer in whatever category of life you want to be”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:20 – Hear Bedros’s powerful origin story and discover how his earliest adversities helped forge his destiny.
4:53 Discover Bedros top life events that reshaped his future.
10:08 Entrepreneurs are like athletes and they must commit to living a more disciplined life.
10:57 Bedros ask you a personal favor that involves Michal Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s trainer, Tim Grover
Get Tim Grover’s book and see why Bedros recommends his book. Get the book here.
19:53 Dr. Feel Good, his book, and the drugs he uses to give President Kennedy.
20:44 Dan Kenedy – The best books in the world at marketing, why you should get them, and Bedros personal mentor.
29:55 What drugs and supplements Bedros puts into his very own body and why.
35:08 The TRULEAN Wellness super shot and the number one way to supercharge and protect your immune system.
39:56 The grossest pimple ever caused by using steroids.
48:01 Think of yourself as an athlete and begin to optimize yourself and life on every level to become a high performer.

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