Episode 174

Health And Entrepreneurship

The single greatest component to your success in life and business comes from your health. In today’s episode Bedros interviews a revolutionary, holistic based nutritionist on functional nutrition. You’ll find out how important nutrition is to creating and sustaining your overall success. 

  • 0:45 – Hear Bedros introduce today’s kick ass guest Rachel Scheer who’s a successful functional medicine nutritionist.
  • 01:50 – First, Rachel shares what western medicine is and why she calls it the band-aid approach to healing and medicine. 
  • 06:14 – Rachel shares the most transformational experience of her life and how it drove her to become a health-based entrepreneur.
  • 14:25 – Discover the number one reason Rachel’s believes her clients helped grow her business.  
  • 30:54 – Hear the top health recommendations entrepreneurs can implement right now to boost their energy and daily performance. 
  • 39:99 – The single most important health tip from today’s interview with Rachel Scheer revealed. 
  • 46:20 – How to personally connect with or follow Rachel on Instagram by following her here @rachelscheer.

“I’m a big believer in how you show up in one area, how you show up in the gym is how you show up in all areas of your life. So if you want to be a peak entrepreneur and peak in your business, and your health is suffering and your mindset is suffering, of course that’s going to impact your business. So we need to start first at our foundation which is our bodies, which is our health “

– Rachel Scheer

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