Episode 175

Elite Spartans

Alex shares his inspiring story of loss, suicide, immigration and achieving ultimate success. You’ll also hear Alex share about the power of mentorship, how Bedros called him out during a live mastermind and why it takes ten plus years to become a successful Empire Builder. 

Here’s what you’ll learn

01:15 – Meet today’s guest Alex Zuniga, founder of Elite Spartans.
02:15 – Alex shares how he joined Mexico City’s most prestigious military school at the age of thirteen and the impact it had on his life.
05:25 – After Military school Alex loses his father, his family’s wealth crumbles and he even battled suicide.
07:25 – Next, Alex shares how his mom desired for him to leave the country and come to America to continue building his education.
11:35 – Discover the beginning of Alex’s Entrepreneurial journey and hear about the founding of his company Elite Spartans.
12:50 – How getting good at selling gym memberships led to the foundation of Alex’s empire building.
13:58 – Alex gets hit by a drunk driver and needs two years of recovery to be able to walk again.
17:52 – Alex shares the very first time he ever came to learn about Bedros and how his mentorship led to his business transformation.
21:10 – Bedros calls Alex out and brings the heat during a live Mastermind.
31:10 – Next, Alex shares the value of mentorship and how it’s the single greatest action you can take to accelerate your growth.
53:22 – Stay up to date and follow Alex on Instagram and Facebook: @elitespartans

“Every single successful person who’s achieved great things, has put at least 10 to 20 years behind them in hard work and dedication “

– Alex Zuniga

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