Episode 40

What You Can Learn From Subway and Other Fallen Empires

Once the most popular, innovative, and profitable sandwich franchise in the world, Subway is now rapidly shrinking. In this episode, Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne dig deep into Subway and other crumbling business empires to tease out the warnings and lessons that you need to keep your empire prosperous for the long haul.

“We evolve or perish.”

– Bedros

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:55 – Why Subway has lost over 900 stores in the last 12 months—the largest loss in company history!
3:19 – Why you should pay attention to your local Taco Bell and McDonald’s.
5:30 – Why a public scandal won’t destroy your business, but poor leadership will.
8:33 – How American Airlines is “screwing over” their best customers by removing a single olive from each on-flight salad.
16:12 – How to rapidly scale without creating infighting between your many locations.

“Good can go to great, and great can go to very bad when you don’t continue with the right decisions.”

– Craig


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