Episode 89

Tim Grover: The Best Are Looking To Get Better

Are you a cooler, a closer, a cleaner? On this episode of Inside Look, Bedros Keuilian interviews Tim Grover: a legendary resource for some of the world’s greatest athletes including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Together they discuss what it means to be a cleaner, and how the best never think they are good enough. Watch or listen now to discover the secrets to unlocking a Jordan-esque mindest.

“You need to constantly re-win your stripes”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
2:22 – How you can make a difference in your dream industry, even if the odds are stacked against you
8:52 – Tim explains the cleaner mentality, and what it takes to call yourself a cleaner
14:22 – The difference between “working out” someone and “training” someone, and how it applies to more than just fitness
25:24 – Why you should always be thinking “what’s next”; and why you always need to be better
45:22 – The cleaners in the entrepreneurial world, and what you can learn from them

“Friends tell you what you want to hear, allies tell you what you have to hear”

– Tim Grover

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