Episode 23

How to MAN UP and Dominate Your Path

If you want to make more money, have a bigger impact, and execute your vision, then you’re ready to MAN UP. In this episode, Craig and Bedros share the 5 principles you need to follow to become the massively successful entrepreneur you were born to be. To get on the early bird list for the “Man Up” book release in July 2018, go to manup.com and sign up today! You’ll be notified first right before the book is launched so that you can pre order your copy online or at your local bookstore.

“Those two words for people who want to have more success in their life are “MAN UP.”

– Craig

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:21 – How Bedros took control of his life, “manned up”, and became an effective leader.
3:57 – How to be more decisive in your everyday life so that you can make quick decisions for your business, and course correct if needed.
6:13 – Why you need clarity of vision and path so that you can effectively lead your team to your goals.
9:50 – How to stop reacting under stress and start responding so that you can strategically problem solve.
13:24 – Why you need to eliminate the crop dusters and hire a high performance team in order to grow your empire.

“To become an effective leader, you need clarity of vision and clarity of path.”

– Bedros


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