196. Few Will Hunt 🦅

Bedros shares with us the hockey stick growth that Few Will Hunt has cultivated, getting to 7-figures while still working full time jobs. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, and just as the brand speaks, everything here was earned through their dedication and hard work.


Everyone wants to eat! But FEW WILL HUNT..


0:29 – Bedros introduces Joey Bowen and Drew Beech

2:28 – How did Few Will Hunt begin to lead the movement of earning over entitlement 

12:35 – What was the process of making that first $1 from a sale

16:01 – The background of Joey and Drew

23:14 – Why you need to empty the tank fix your frazzled mind

27:52 – How important is quality is to your business

30:20 – Some big lessons for anybody starting a brand

38:14 – How pain brings you to new levels of growth

44:51 – Whats some feedback to help people make big strides in life


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