Episode 183

Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

Do you want to learn the skills required to scale your business, make more money, and have financial freedom? Well, they’re not the skills you might think. You may think these skills involve marketing, lead generation, sales strategy, copywriting, etc., but you’d be wrong.  Of course, those hard skills play a factor, but it’s not the hard skills you’re missing. 


In today’s Empire episode, Bedros Keuilian shares the difference between hard skills Vs. soft skills, the soft skills he used to grow an international fitness franchise, how your relationship with money is limiting you, why emotional discipline is vital to success, and so much more.


“Understand that hard skills alone will make you money, but you will hit a glass ceiling. When you hit a glass ceiling, each time you try to break through, you’re going to find yourself falling back.”

-Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

4:20 The journey from human-animal to human-being

6:55 How self-sabotage will creep into your life

7:40 How your childhood identity will make or break you

9:09 The results of feeding a false narrative

10:52 How a negative mindset will develop a pattern of failure

12:05 How personal relationships impact your identity

14:00 Why self-awareness is essential to overcoming false narratives

14:55 How operating under specific conditions will keep you broke

15:15 How money is the vehicle to freedom, impact, and meaning

16:40 Why the lack of emotional discipline makes you look like a fool

19:12 How confidence is a byproduct of credibility and winning


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