Episode 184

How to be a Real Man

How do you show up as a man? Do you suffer in silence, always walking on eggshells, act passive-aggressive, and eventually become hostile towards those around you? 


Instead of dealing with your issues head-on, do you suppress those feelings and bury them deep down inside, hoping they’ll go away? 


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this is unhealthy and not a real man’s behavior. The truth is, your current status is no way to live life and will eventually collapse around you. 


In today’s Empire episode, Bedres Kueilian explains the characteristics of a real man, what you can do to gain confidence in your own skin, why looking for validation from others detrimental, ways to address the trauma in your past, how to destroy a negative belief system, and so much more.


“Go and do the deep work. Go figure out what your limiting factors are. Fix them. You’re not broken. You’re just not completely healed yet.”

-Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you don’t want to miss:


6:45 Why most men lead lives of quiet desperation

7:39 How men can heal the trauma in their lives

8:49 Why men self-sabotaging and never deal with their issues 

11:26 How to hunt and destroy negative belief systems

12:10 How medicating will destroy your drive and creativity

13:11 Why you might need to suck it up and get therapy 

14:30 How being broken will impact your entire life

17:26 How your sense of self-worth developed as a child

18:50 Why real men are savage but also servants

21:05 The types of men with emotional scars 

21:50 The kinds of conversations that cause a ripple-effect


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