198. How To Scale Your Health & Wellness Practice

Bedros sits down with Dr. Ashley Lucas on this Empire Show Episode, to give you the viewers the deep dive on what a growing successful weight loss practice looks like from the inside! If you run an office whether it be medical, therapy, or any other physical practice, Dr. Ashley is a perfect example of what it looks like to take your existing practice, and expand into the online world, and to become the true authority in the industry. Dr. Ashley obviously has her specialized knowledge which separates her from the rest, but she reveals proven entrepreneurial implementations that help you service more and more people in a scalable way. THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU LICENSED PROFESSIONALS, DOCTORS, DIETITIANS, PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, ETC.

0:00 –  Intro of Dr. Ashley Lucas

02:05 – Why our population suffers with obesity, disease and addiction

05:27 – What happens metabolically that make us addicted to food

11:21 – How do you identify if being overweight is addiction or behavior 

12:46 – How has our willingness and views changed over 2020 when it comes to weight loss and health

16:45 – What’s Dr. Ashley’s background and how did it lead her to helping people with weight loss

24:38 : How Dr. Ashley became the expert in the industry 

27:52 Bedros asks Ashley to drop some insight on growing practices, offices undeserving more people

33:19 – What’re some marketing strategies a medical practice can use and implement today?

35:31 – The Communication process to get more appointments in your practice

43:01 – How you can raise your sales conversion in your initial consultation 

47:20 – What are the goals in transitioning her practice online with PHD Weight Loss

52:12 – What would Dr. Ashley leave with an up and coming entrepreneur 


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