208. Origin Of FBBC

Bedros Keuilian sits down with CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp Bryce Henson, as he wanted to uncover the timeline of Bedros’ journey that he never really shed light on, the Origin of Fit Body Bootcamp!  As you can tell, being in the trenches of growing the company never allows you to look back from a high level view, but with Bedros handing over the reins to Bryce, it was the perfect opportunity to take us back to that time and travel through the beginning stages of what Fit Body Bootcamp is today. Through accolades and awards, and a global pandemic that affected fitness, hospitality, restaurants and all industries alike, take this journey with us and have a listen through one of the great organizations of our time according to Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. Magazine. 


00:53 – Introduction

01:46 – Bedros realized he never peeled back the curtain on Fit Body Bootcamp’s beginning

02:18 – 1998 – 2003

02:58 – The accidental discovery of Chino Hills

04:22 – How you can make the switch from running your business to consulting

07:38 – 2003 – 2008

08:33 – Where Bedros found the seed of Fit Body Bootcamp at a park in Chino Hills

14:13 – How Bedros learned along the way to go from Licensing to Franchising

17:21 – 2013 – 2016 The Hockey Stick Growth Years

19:52 – 2018, When Bryce Henson the now CEO of FBBC came along

23:04 – 2019 – Present

24:20 – The big differentiating factor of FBBC and how it came about

25:46 – The top lessons from achieving Hockey Stick growth in your business


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