Episode 188

Reaching a Higher State of Consciousness

There is no secret formula that will transform you into a successful, high-performing entrepreneur overnight. It takes years of dedication, hard work, and personal development to push you beyond your current ability. It will require you to go deeper into your mind to break free from your “human-animal” and into consciousness. 

In today’s Empire episode, Bedros and Diana Keuilian discuss how you can elevate yourself to a higher level through mindful awareness of your own existence, ways to challenge your personal belief system, how to overcome self-destructive behavior, and so much more.

What you don’t want to miss:

  • 2:46 Evolving with your significant other and walking the journey of personal development 
  • 10:40 The power of mythology and challenging your own belief system
  • 13:24 Your human-animal nature and being blocked from your consciences 
  • 16:00 Poor mental hygiene and the chatter in your head
  • 18:22 Uncovering layers of your human-animal and becoming the observer in life
  • 22:31 The first step to consciousness and the lifestyle it takes 
  • 24:00 How to filter out the noise and build in the discipline 
  • 27:10 Creating anchor points to check-in with your consciousness
  • 32:15 How to identify when your human-animal is taking over
  • 36:25 Overcoming the self-destructive cycle of fear and taking control
  • 41:26 Creating forward movement and dealing with external resistance 
  • 47:20 The reality of life and not taking things so personal

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