199. Scale and Grow Through Mentorship

What is the importance of having a coach?

It’s understandable that the best athletes in the world have multiple coaches, but when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, the idea of working with a coach is still questionable..


Coaching and mentorship is essential in the eyes of high level entrepreneurs. In two ways, you need to get the path, gameplay, and frame of mind to break past your limits.

Then, if you want to grow your team, exit the business and take the visionary role, you need to BECOME a mentor.

Bedros and Craig break down how to find a good effective mentor, and show you the ways to become a good effective mentor to your team, future leaders, and coaching clients.

00:26 – Why should an entrepreneur have a coach?

08:35 – The importance and process of mentoring your team

16:28 – The steps to growing your business by mentoring somebody to replace you. 

17:00 – Changing the belief system

18:45 – Align thinking, thought processes and ideology

20:47 – Showing your mentee the battlefield and vision

23:05 – Course Correcting

26:16 – If you want to win your freedom, you need to find the shortcuts, then give the shortcuts


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