Episode 190

Suffering is The Door to Personal Growth

Of course, we all want to live in bliss, but pain and suffering is what makes us human. It’s suffering that is the great equalizer in life, yet it’s a necessary access point to reach the next stage of our human evolution.

In today’s Inside Look, Bedros Keuilian takes a deep dive with the one and only, Akshay Nanavati, author of Fearvana. His purpose is to help people find, live, and fall in love with their worthy struggle. Whether it’s running a marathon, building a business, writing a book, raising a child, or playing chess, you must give all of yourself. Don’t miss this amazing conversation.


“Coming out of the Marines is when I started to look for other ways to suffer. Other ways to explore how far we can test the human spirit. So, outdoor sports became my playground.”

-Akshay Nanavati 


Show Highlights:

  • 2:00 The pursuit of suffering and moments that trigger big decisions
  • 7:18 Descending into a dark place and joining the Marine Corp. 
  • 10:50 The purity of pain and discovering who you are
  • 14:35 The importance of self-discovery and evolving to a new “self”
  • 19:30 Building a brand around what you love and strategic alliances 
  • 24:36 Fear being the access point to nirvana and a life of bliss
  • 27:14 Monetizing digital information products and navigating new ideas
  • 32:46 Planning for the future and taking your brand to the next level
  • 36:19 Working backward to find your passion and stretching your limits
  • 41:13 Finding a tribe to evolve with you and losing some along the way
  • 46:55 Editing people out of your life and taking life to the extreme


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