201. The Clarity You Need To Be Successful

Zander The Coach of Coaches & now Author,  stops by HQ before the release of his book to talk about his life’s work that led him to his book “Shit You Don’t Learn In College”. Bedros and Zander give high level and micro level insight, on our internal and external conversations, which lead us to the crossroads of action, and how that action provides us data to become better. But what stops most is the inner battle between our own two ears, and through their own success, they give all the knowledge necessary on what it truly takes to achieve your goals. This one is heavy note taking, so be ready and enjoy this eye-opening conversation!

“ Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean that you should do it. What would you do if you couldn’t fail? ”

– Zander Fryer

00:32 – Intro 

01:12 – How did The Coach of Coaches get into coaching?

08:16 – What if you took control instead of waiting to be told what to do?

10:32 – What inspired Zander to write “Sh!t They Don’t Teach you In College”

16:13 – Why don’t they teach these life skills in school?

22:49 – The craziness revolving around the title of the book

28:18 – Zander gives GEMS on our operating system, our goals, and our natural internal programming 

33:00 – How we can take the clarity, and turn it into courageous action

37:40 – What you should do once courageous action meets adversity

48:24 – MIND-BLOWING thoughts around sales and leadership


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