Episode 209

The Dad Edge with Larry Hagner

Today’s guest Larry Hagner joins us, stepping aside from being an amazing father, his purpose and mission in helping fathers and aspiring fathers for an incredible episode! Larry sheds a light on his past, accidentally meeting his biological father, the night he broke a promise, that led him to the creation of The Dad Edge mission, and highlights some of his touch points over the nearly 1,000 episodes including names like Matthew McConaughey, Andy Frisella and Frankie Edgar.

00:31 – Introduction about The Dad Edge Podcast from Larry Hagner

01:28 – The Squire experience with Larry and his son

02:48 – How you can change the path of your trauma’s

05:54 – How Larry accidentally met his biological father

08:57 – How Larry ran into his father after not connecting for 18 years

10:51 – What kind of negative impacts came from an absent father?

12:39 – How The Dad Edge got started

20:30 – The top 5 conversations in a father’s head

26:31 – What is the next phase of Larry’s mission to impact

30:27 – Where does the man who feels there’s nowhere to go, go?

34:59 – Where can we connect with Larry?


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