180. The Mindset of a Warrior

To become a warrior and inspire others to lead, one must first develop themselves. In today’s Inside Look episode, Bedros speaks with Mark Divine, founder of SEALFFIT, the host of the Unbeatable Mind podcast, NYT Best Selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and professor. 

Mark has dedicated his life to the development of human performance and leadership in others. He shares his journey to becoming a Navy SEAL, the benefits of meditation, the power of visualization, how every day offers a lifetime of learning, and so much more.


“First, you’ve got to concentrate your mind, and then you can quiet your mind. When I say sit and do nothing, I mean sit and just breathe.”

-Mark Divine


Here’s what you don’t want to miss: 

3:00 Mark’s path to joining the SEAL Team and how endurance sports propelled him forward 

6:05 Mark’s first career in the family business as a CPA and how he knew it wasn’t his true calling

8:30 His first introduction to karate and meeting his first true mentor

11:50 the importance of “killing his ego” and ultimately turning his back on the family business

13:26 How to slow down, stop trying to do so much, find time every day, and look for answers

17:00 The skillset it takes to build “mind-power” and the concentration required to stay focused

18:58 How the unconditioned mind will always struggle to accomplish worthy things in life

20:18 Why mindful mediation is so hard for most people yet is the most profound thing one can do

21:22 How to reach mindful awareness in your thoughts and emotions through a metacognitive shift

22:28 How to open up your right brain activity and become a thinker

26:00 How opening your heart through meditation will provide the answers you seek

27:17 The moment Mark realized he was meant to be a warrior and his first encounter with the Navy SEALS

29:50 How adding visualization to his daily meditation took things to the next level

33:45 Mark’s most powerful tool that he uses during meditation to reach his “higher self”

35:39 How to use visualization to let go of the negativity that might trigger limiting believes in yourself 

39:30 How tracing the root cause of problems through recapitulation can help heal old wounds 

43:20 The mindset of a warrior and the importance of living like every day is your last day

46:30 How writing a letter to your younger self can turn shame, rage, and confusion into wins

50:37 The elements of outstanding leadership and what it takes to get a team to follow you


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