Episode 189

The Power of Gut Instinct

Have you ever been told to “Go with your gut?” It’s quite possibly one of the most common pieces of professional advice given. In fact, it’s a superpower that a lot of successful entrepreneurs rely on when tough decisions need to be made. It’s that small inner voice that helps to decide if you should trust someone, invest in a business, or even walk away from an opportunity if it sounds “too good to be true.” However, it takes experience to build that trust with yourself.

In today’s Inside Look, Bedros Keuilian does a deep dive with Howie Zales, an Emmy Award-winning camera operator who, over the last 35 years, has worked across a dozen Super Bowls, multiple Olympic Games, dozens of Wrestlemania PPVs, and 20 Kentucky Derby Horse Races. Howie shares his insight into building a well-paid freelance career, becoming an entrepreneur, the growth mindset it takes to evolve, developing multiple streams of income, why trusting your gut is a smart play, and so much more.


“Go with your gut. Every time I do it, it’s the right decision.” 

-Howie Zales


What you don’t want to miss:

  • 2:00 Combining your passion with a lifelong career
  • 10:10 Risking your life for what you love
  • 13:36 From freelance camera operator to entrepreneur 
  • 16:20 The driving force behind success
  • 20:16 The growth mindset it takes to evolve 
  • 23:48 How to create multiple revenue streams
  • 27:36 Leveraging your career success to build social proof
  • 30:00 Going through uncertain times and doing things differently
  • 37:22 Scaling your ideas and how to think outside the box
  • 42:45 How to manage multiple income streams


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