Episode 179

Unifying Californians and Inspiring Change

It’s no secret that California has been a Democratic stronghold for years and the once-thriving economy is on the decline. While Silicon Valley produces tech giants and billionaires, the rest of Californians struggle to merely get by. 

Today, Bedros brings you another Inside Look episode into 2022 California Governor hopeful and Republican, Major Williams. Major has been a driving force for California’s people, engaging in community outreach and addressing policy that will make life in California the best it can be for all citizens.

Major explains the problems California faces, such as the homelessness that plagues its streets, its ridiculous high taxes, his outlook on immigration, how its elected officials dictate and delegate rather than serve, and so much more. 


“I’ve been an entrepreneur, marketer, and small business owner for the last 20 years. Meaning I have to have an imagination to keep the lights on every month for me, my wife, and my family.” 

-Major Williams


Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

2:50 Running for the Governor’s seat from a different perspective that California is not used to

4:30 How Major’s approach and solutions at the city level made him an obvious choice to run for Governor 

5:28 How Major’s grandfather influenced him to “step up” in a dream that has now become his driving force

6:00 The importance of reaching everyday people like himself to learn what’s important to them

7:55 Ways to restore California, move forward collectively, and how politicians and citizens can work together

9:58 How Major’s background in the entertainment industry, as a marketing executive, and his ability to create structure in leadership makes him uniquely qualified to be Governor 

11:22 Major’s frustration with politicians and elected officials not dealing in the world of “completion”

11:56 How being an athlete and entrepreneur has programmed his DNA to “get shit done”

13:36 Majors response to being a Black Republican in a Democratic-run state 

14:31 His superpower and gift that allows him to reach people across demographics and across the political isle  

17:15 Major identifies homelessness as a top priority, how it’s become a business in California, and what he plans to do about it

22:41 How California’s current mismanagement of spending seems to be the only solution to get things done

23:38 How California must become more business-friendly and his copy and past approach to success

26:10 Major’s first 90 days in office and the executive orders designed to give “choice” back to the citizens of California

28:30 Immigration reform, sanctuary cities, and how massive amounts of tax dollars fund illegal immigration 

31:42 How blending work and life helps to unite his family and the undying support of his wife

34:55 Major recalls his evolution from “saggy pants” and blaming the world to wanting more out of life

37:00 What caused his shift from being a democrat to a republican after becoming more informed about policy

39:16 Major’s confidence to craft the right message, reach people on a personal level, and the importance of the Black community

42:36 How elected officials live with an elitist mindset and lack the natural confidence to navigate decisions

47:00 What you need to know about Major’s campaign and how you can get involved in his grassroots movement


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