Episode 203

What’s New With Bedros Keuilian? With Bedros & Craig

A 2021 update to the man himself, Bedros Keuilian. A quick turn of the tables as typically Bedros does the interviewing of our guests, and this time Craig asks Bedros some hot questions about what’s been new with Bedros nowadays.

What is this new phase of the founder of The Empire Podcast? There’s tons of learning points that an entrepreneur can look forward to if they build an empire, and grow themselves and their companies to a position where a transition must happen in order to keep scaling. Find out  where Bedros has landed after leading his entrepreneur ventures the past 30 years and Fit Body Bootcamp the past 20 years.


00:00 – Introduction 

00:50 – What is Bedros up to now that he’s no longer the CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp?

06:44 – What is Suck Fest?

10:13 – What’re some of Bedros’ memorable transformations from The Modern Day Knight Project?

14:17 – What advice would Bedros give his younger self?

15:32 – Bedros turns it back around and asks Craig for his advice for his younger self.

18:18 – Bedros asks Craig how fatherhood, marriage has changed or not changed this phase of life

20:25 – 2 things Bedros recommends for parents to deeply connect with their kids

23:06 – Bedros’ final remarks 


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