Day: August 11, 2021

How To Turn Adversity Into Your Greatest Advantage.

When my family and I first came to the United States after escaping communist Armenia, we were broke and had nothing. 

Stupid adversity as at it’s highest level!

We lived in Section 8 (government assistant) housing and couldn’t afford to buy food, so my dad and I would dumpster-dive behind grocery stores and find food they had tossed out. 

We couldn’t speak a lick of English. My brother got fired from multiple crappy jobs because of this.

And because I was a small immigrant kid, I got picked on and beat up at school all the time. 

My dad would see this, but couldn’t do anything about it.

He saw us in situations that he couldn’t fix, and all he could do was see us suffer.

Yet with all this happening, he was always optimistic and encouraged us to be grateful for even the little things. 

To this day, I’m grateful for all the sacrifices he made and for instilling this mindset in me. 

To say that we lived in poverty and adversity is an understatement. 

But as Napoleon Hill says in his book Outwitting the Devil: Every adversity comes with the seed of equal or greater opportunity. 

Man, there’s so much truth to that statement! 

Sometimes the most painful, stressful and darkest times in your life are setting you up to become the next and best version of yourself. 

But the setup is going to require two things from you… 

  1. Knowing that you are deserving of success and abundance. 

  2. Working like a rented mule and being willing to pay your freakin dues! 

As the Few Will Hunt brand says… Everybody Wants to Eat, But Few Will Hunt. 

Never accept adversity as anything else other than a set up for your next big move. 

Never back down from doing the hard work that everyone else is afraid to do. 

Always be willing to hunt for what you want in life! 

Talk soon, 

Bedros Keuilian 

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