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In the Absence of Discipline, Motivation is Useless

With over $100,000,000+ in sales across my businesses I usually get asked the same thing…

How have I stayed motivated for so long and how can they stay motivated, too?

My answer usually goes something like this…

The question you should be asking is not how can I stay motivated…

…BUT how can I stay disciplined?

Many times I wake up unmotivated… 

…but I’m disciplined as fuck EVERYDAY and it’s what has made me successful! 

EVERYONE’S motivated to start a business, lose weight, or make a change in their life.

But VERY FEW are disciplined to follow through.

Understand this, the number one determining factor for your success is your ability to do the work and follow through – no matter how you feel.

Success isn’t a result of motivation, but discipline. 

Motivation is the ‘spark’, the initial fuel that gets you going and excited. 

But when reality sets in and it’s time to do the work that ‘spark’ usually dims…REAL QUICK.

Discipline is the constant fuel that keeps the fire going. 

It’s the drive that keeps you focused and moving forward…

EVEN when…

it’s inconvenient…

you had a bad day…

you fail…

And when you keep failing…again…and AGAIN.

Discipline keeps you showing up no matter the circumstances.

What I’m trying to say is your ability to push through when sh!t gets tough can be the difference between failure and success in any area of life.

If you want to succeed at ANYTHING in life you must develop a disciplined routine, positive habits, and skills to create long-term success for yourself. 

The good news is that just like developing muscle discipline can be developed the more you train it.

I’ll be talking about how to develop discipline in my next post.

But for now, if you’re looking to get a head start on the competition and begin developing unwavering discipline so that you can have a killer 2023? Then I highly recommend you join me for the 12 hour Misogi Challenge on January 7th. 

See, you can stay in your comfort zone, or you can do something badass and challenging to blast you into massive success! 

Talk soon,


The Role of a Man Today

I want to share with you a quote I discovered long ago and have never forgotten.

Moms turn babies into boys. Dads turn boys into men. 

From the moment my son was born, I knew that it was my responsibility and mission in life to be a role model for him.

At a young age, I showed him how to be chivalrous like opening doors for my wife Diana. 

Teaching him how to be a protector and watch over his little sister.

And letting him know the importance of giving a firm handshake when meeting someone.

Helping him understand the duties and responsibilities of what it meant to be a man.

Throughout history, it has been the role of men to teach boys to become strong, capable men. 

That is our role as dads, uncles, and older brothers.

In peacetime, a man must be a servant, providing for and protecting his family. 

In wartime, he must be a savage warrior, standing in the gap between his family and danger. 

Today these rites of passage are all but non-existent – part of the reason why I created the Squire Program

And over the past two decades, masculinity has been villainized…

The media, schools, and government have tried to neuter men.  

The media is trying to tell us how to act. 

 The schools are trying to tell us how to feel. 

And the government is trying to tell us what we can and can’t do. 

They are painting us to be toxic and forcing the narrative that men should be soft, weak, and docile.

But now we are starting to see this narrative questioned and we’re seeing a reawakening of masculinity – AND IT’S F#CKING BEAUTIFUL!

The opposition doesn’t want to see us take back our manhood because they know we are the only thing standing between them and absolute power.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping men reawaken their masculinity by finding their purpose and meaning in life through the Modern Day Knight Project

So that they can show up as the father, husband, mentor, and servant leader they know deep down their meant to be.

As men it’s our responsibility and our duty to be confident, capable, courageous, and always prepared.

So that we can raise and mentor the next generation of confident young men and future leaders.

After seeing hundreds of men go through the Modern Day Knight Project I can tell you now more than ever we must be purpose driven men.

Men who are strong enough to speak our minds.  

Men who are brave enough to stand in the gap and face those looking to silence us.  

Men who are proud enough to stand up for what they believe in. 

Men who are called to be servant leaders for their families and communities.

This is the role of a man today – not just in America, but all over the world!

Much love,


What the Notorious BIG taught me about money

One of the most influential rappers of all time taught me this…

“Mo Money Mo Problems”

And over the last two decades of building multiple successful 7 & 8-figure businesses and brands, I’ve learned this…

When it comes to having ‘Mo Problems’…

I’d rather have first world problems than third world problems.

I come from a childhood of third world problems where we frequently ran out of money before we ran out of month.

Because of this I always wondered if we would have hot water or electricity when I got home from school. 

From experience I can tell you I’d rather have the first world problem of figuring out how to generate more cash flow for one of my businesses…

…instead of worrying about my family being on the streets next month.

Look – money won’t solve all your problems.

But I can tell you that it sure is easier to find solutions to your problems when you have money.

That’s why I give away the 26.2 Challenge for free for anyone looking to developing unwavering discipline and unshakable confidence. 

So that they can lay the foundation to earn more money and step out of a third world mindset to focus on first world solutions.

Look, with the crazy levels of inflation we’re all battling and this nasty recession that we’re going into, it’s best for you to know how to make more money, increase profits and generate more income streams.

Whether it’s finding a mentor, hiring a business coach, or getting involved in a mastermind. 

It is more important now more than ever to create a game plan for your life and business and develop an unbreakable mindset. 

So that when ‘Mo Problems’ come up…

Whether it be through a recession, depression, stock market crashes, or lockdowns…

You have the discipline, skills, and knowledge to come out financially on top.

Talk soon,


how to build a life of purpose and impact

I recently flew out to North Carolina to host the Squire Program, a father and son experience that transforms young boys into men.

Over 50 kick@ss fathers came out to provide a rite of passage into manhood for their bad@ss sons. 

Creating a greater bond and a memory that will last a lifetime between them.

In every Squire Program class, the fathers leave more empowered in communicating with their boys. 

While the sons leave understanding how to carry themselves as a truly masculine man. Attaining more confidence, understanding personal responsibility, building resilience, and developing a no-quit mentality,

After seeing the fathers and sons leave as better men and leaders, I wanted to share 3 important lessons you can easily apply to your life and business.

Whether you’re a father or not I know these lessons will help you build a life of purpose and impact. 

Let’s jump into it!

Lesson #1: Develop your core values and make them non-negotiable

At the Squire Program, we teach the importance of establishing core values and holding yourself accountable to them by creating non-negotiables.

Non-negotiables create confidence and confidence helps build a higher reputation for yourself. 

One of my biggest non-negotiables is my morning routine, which starts by not hitting the snooze button. By hitting the snooze button – you’re breaking the promise to yourself of waking up at a specific time.

Now I don’t care if you wake up at 3:00 AM or 8:00 AM – I care about the promises you make to yourself.

The little promises we break to ourselves and others lead to eroding our confidence and our trust. 

When you create your core values and make them non-negotiable I guarantee you’ll be more confident and productive that day.

When you win the day, sooner or later you will win the week, which leads to winning the month, which leads to winning the year. Until you eventually find yourself stacked with so many W’s because you’re living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Lesson #2: The number one determining factor to a man’s success is who he picks as a spouse

One of the wealthiest men in the world, Warren Buffett, says the most important decision had nothing to do with investments but with choosing who he married.

I’ve been married for over 20 years and I can tell you that I would not be where I am today without the support of my wife.

A good wife will help her husband live his purpose. A good husband will help his wife live her purpose. You both act as a force multiplier, working towards the same goal and using your strengths to support one another build the life you want.

In life, you don’t get to choose your parents, your siblings, or your children. But you do get to choose your wife, so choose wisely.

Lesson #3: Do not live life as a “lone wolf” – find your tribe and grow together.

The problem is most men suffer in silence because they romanticize the lone wolf mentality.

They believe that only they can fulfill their needs and accomplish their vision.

The hard reality is lone wolves go through life alone, feel like no one has their back, and trust no one because they believe that everyone is out for themselves.

If you want to succeed in business and life, you have to have a pack.

For thousands of years, men hunted and lived in tribes with men they could depend on and trust. 

At our core, you and I are tribal and need a tribe of good men that provide support, willpower, and drive. 

Calling you out on your bullsh!t when needed and encouraging you to be a better man.

Find your tribe and grow together – and if you don’t have one check out the brotherhood we’ve built at the MDK Project.

These are just a few of the lessons from the Squire Program you can use take to level up and change the way you think.

Much love,


P.S. If you’re a dad, uncle, or father figure, and want to help the young man in your life attain more confidence, build resilience, and develop a no-quit mentality, you should get signed up for the next Squire Class. Spots usually sell out fast, so click here to find the next available class and submit your application.

How to Fix Your Broke Money Mindset

I think the biggest reason why people stay broke and in debt their whole lives is because of the poverty mindset they inherited.

And even when they come across a lot of money, poverty minded people end up losing it at some point…

…where as abundant minded people know how to multiply their money.

Yesterday I posted a picture of a check from a restaurant I visited and took a small group of people to.

The restaurant is very upscale and the check was just over $6,000.

I go there often, they’re always good to me and the people I take there so I decided to leave them a really big tip this time.

So I left them a $7,000 tip on top of the $6,000 check.

The next day I posted the picture of the check and wrote this caption: “Make a lot of money and be generous with it.”

Most people got the message and were inspired to do the same.

Some people left the most hateful comments for me lol.

Now, personally, I don’t give a f#@k what people think of me and my actions.

But I can’t help but notice that when people leave negative comments about someone doing good things and trying to inspire others to do good things… it’s usually a projection of their own poverty state of mind and insecure feelings toward money.


That’s the big message I want to share with you here…


It’s okay to talk about money.

It’s okay to want to make a lot of money.

It’s okay to actually make a lot of money.

It’s okay to educate yourself and your kids about money.

Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can solve a lot of problems.

Money can get you out of debt, give you peace of mind, help you pay your bills, help you donate to the causes and charities you believe in and give you more time, freedom and experiences with the people that you love.

Money is a tool and nothing more.

It’s a tool that comes in handy often so you might as well know how to use it well.

I want to help you build your brand, scale your business and make more money.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

The Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Had

From time to time we all do dumb things…

…I’ve got a laundry list of dumb things I’ve done lol

Here’s one!

Several years ago I decided that I was going to challenge myself by training for and running a full marathon in only six weeks.
Keep in mind that I had never run or jogged more than half a mile, I hated running all together, and all I did was lift heavy weights in the gym.
Total meat head… and still am.
But I knew deep down inside that I needed to do the ONE THING that I didn’t want to do and that was to run long distance and totally put myself out of my comfort zone.
Now, the dumb part of this is not that I wanted to run a marathon…
My running coach thought I was out of my mind!
But I knew that I had to do this!
It’s like I knew that doing the thing that I didn’t want to do and doing it in such a short time was going to be the key to a big life breakthrough for me.
So I hired a running coach who made me a six week training/running program and then I registered for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon which was six weeks out – 26.2 miles!
In all her wisdom my running coach suggested that I register for the half marathon that was taking place on that same day…
…but I was hell bent on doing a full marathon with only six weeks of training to prove to myself that I have the mental toughness and personal discipline to do something really hard and way out of my comfort zone.
Those six weeks were life changing for me!
In that time I developed mental toughness, personal discipline and a whole new level of self confidence!
In fact the first time I jogged 8 miles I found myself in the neighboring city of Diamond Bar.
I’d driven to Diamond Bar before… but I had never walked, jogged or run to it.
When I saw the sign that said Welcome To Diamond Bar I stopped and just started crying…
…I was overcome with so much emotion at the fact that in only 4 weeks I was able to run 8 miles and to the neighboring city.
Two weeks later I found myself at the starting line of the San Diego Marathon and when the race started I was in awe… it was like a dream or something.
I was running alongside thousands of runners and the energy was incredible!
The pride I had in myself was in-explainable.
And when I crossed the finish line some 4 and a half hours later I was once again in tears.
I had done something that I told myself that I wasn’t able to do.
I had limited myself for so many years.
And from that day on I had a new level of self-esteem and confidence.
It was like being reborn as a more confident, more capable, more mentally tough and more disciplined version of myself.
It’s crazy how we can limit ourselves in so many areas of life by telling ourselves that “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” or I’m not a runner”
You are whatever you want to be!…
…as long as you do the work required to become that person.
I want to help you become the best version of yourself by giving you my Marathon Training Program for free.
You can get it here and start training for a life changing experience!
Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

Leadership – The Most Misunderstood Skill In Business (Part One)

You set up your Instagram account, started a corporation and created a logo…

…welcome to the business world! Now that you’re an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of your corporation you’re a leader, right?
The most misunderstood skill in all of business is the skill of leadership and the role a leader plays in the ability for your business to scale, become profitable and stand the test of time.
Most entrepreneurs will only figure this out once the bottom falls out, a bunch of employees quit, they go broke and think about jumping in front of a truck.
Look, the faster you can understand the role of a leader the sooner you can scale your business, profitability AND have time freedom.
The traits that great leaders develop are many and in this post I’m going to share the most vital ones. Notice I said great leaders DEVELOP these traits and they’re not just born with it?
So you best expect to be a shitty leader just like the rest of us when we got started and pay your dues.
But the only difference between you and me is that you have me and others like me coaching you, mentoring you and sharing what we’ve  learned over the years through blogs like this, videos, social media and coaching programs so that what took us a decade to develop might take you a year or two.
No amount of marketing, lead generation, sales or systems can replace effective leadership.
I can literally list off a dozen founders who built big businesses, some profitable and some not and then all crashed and burned – losing their health, marriages and income.
To say it another way: No matter how many leads you get or sales you make you can NOT fix the problem of crappy leadership with more leads and sales.
So then what are the traits of an effective leader?
First, the leader must lead from the front…
In other words if you’re a lazy, undisciplined, emotional, passive and an unorganized person then your leadership will be ineffective.
I once heard John Maxwell say it this way: Leadership is the lid.
He’s right.
Your level of leadership will determine your level of success.
Your level of leadership will determine your company’s profitability.
Your level of leadership will determine the size and impact of your business.
Your level of leadership will determine the quality and capability of the team that you attract.
What I’m really saying is that six’s and seven’s can not lead eight’s and nine’s.
You YOU best level up as a leader and that means becoming more disciplined, structured and being the kind of person who finishes what you started.
Leadership at home or in business starts with you! If you’re not the showing up as your highest self then you can’t expect high standards from others – that makes you a hypocrite.
So if you’re ready to lead yourself and become more disciplined and more develop more follow through and grit then I want you to try my 26.2 challenge.
Part two of this post will drop in few days!

Four Dumb Business Mistakes To Avoid

This weekend I was in St. Louis visiting my friend Nick who runs a massive real estate development company along with his three brothers.

His dad started the company, but he and his brothers along with 350 team members are scaling it to a whole new level!

Anyhow, Nick and I got to talking while having lunch and the topic of dumb business moves came up…

…and between the two of us we have about 40 years of business experience so as you can imagine we’ve made our share of dumb business moves.

 So I wanted to share some of the dumbest moves we’ve made so that you can avoid them – or if you’re making these dumb moves, you can stop it.

DUMB MOVE #1) Never tolerate mediocre employees who don’t meet your expectations or share your core values. When you as a leader tolerate a substandard employee you’re telling your other team members that you accept a lower standard of work. Soon two things will happen…

First your employees will begin to lose respect for you for tolerating a substandard employee. Second, they’ll begin to lower their performance levels. This is one of the fastest ways to destroy your business. Look, in all of life you get what you tolerate. So if you’re tolerating mediocrity in your business then you’ll begin to lose customers, profits and the respect of others.

DUMB MOVE #2) Don’t try to do too many things at once. This is a rookie mistake that I made and I see a ton of business owners making.

New entrepreneurs will try to have too many programs, too many services, too many offerings and too many businesses.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with having many businesses, products, offerings and income streams. Hell I have a ton of businesses and income streams.

But before you spread yourself too thin you’ve got to get your core business dialed in before kicking off the next one.

I call this having entrepreneurial discipline.

And that means having singularity of focus on ONE THING until you have a healthy and profitable business that has strong systems in place and competent people running it so that you can create the next business, product or offer.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen business owners try to create multiple things at once and then they find themselves stressed, overwhelmed and broke.

DUMB MOVE #3) Poor marketing leads to poor profits. Once you have a winning product or service that’s profitable, it’s time to scale it.

There’s nothing wrong with organic traffic from social media. But if you want to take your business to the next level then you’ve got to scale it by running paid ads on social media platforms where you can reach more of the right audience at a MUCH faster rate.

But here’s the thing with paid ads and traffic – it doesn’t work at first.

You can’t think that you’re going to run your first ad and it’s going to magically get you great leads who will buy your stuff.

It’s going to take some experimenting with the right ad, right offer and sending them to the right sales site until you find the formula that delivers the highest ROAS (return on ad spend).

I’ve got coaching clients who run all types of paid traffic, everything from social media ads, to paid email drops, to radio and TV spots.

In fact in my businesses I spend about $300K a month in various ad spend to help us generate millions in sales each month.

DUMB MOVE #4) Bad leadership is the kiss of death. The biggest blind spot that most entrepreneurs have is not realizing that they lack good leadership.

Truth is, for most of us leadership is not factory installed. And if you’re not an effective leader then you’re not going to be able to attract great team members.

I always say that leadership is the problem, leadership is the solution.

Effective leadership is this: Having a clear vision for what you want for your business and then being able to communicate it with your team. It’s being a good problem solver and fast decision maker. It’s being emotionally disciplined and having the ability to make everyone around you better.

But like I said, leadership is not factory installed for all of us. It’s like a muscle, and like any muscle you have to train it and develop it.

When I started investing in becoming a better leader I saw a massive shift in my people and profits. Hands down, it was one of the biggest needle movers of all.

Want me to help you take your business, profits and leadership to the next level?

Looking forward to helping you level up in business and in life!

Bedros Keuilian

PS. Lots of good stuff here for you:

How To Grow Your Business When The Economy Crashes

First the bad news: MANY BUSINESS WILL FAIL IN THE NEXT 12 to 18 MONTHS.

This is a fact. We saw this unfold in the 2008 housing market crash.

And all signs point to an even bigger crash coming soon due to the crazy high inflation we’ve had and all the phony money that was printed in the last two years.

Now the good news: Your business doesn’t have to be one of the failing ones.

In fact, not only can you save your business from failing, you can grow it bigger and even more profitable over the next year or two and I’m going to show you how.

First off, you have to adopt this mindset of: “I will not fail and I will do the work required of me.”

Truth be told, the reason why most business owners fail when the economy goes to s#!t is because they read the headlines and listen to the goofball talking heads on the news networks that practically talk you into giving up and failing.

So understand this: The mindset in which you go into this will determine the outcome.

Secondly you need to understand something about money…

…when the economy crashes the money doesn’t just go away or disappear.

Look, the news media will only report negative news like how many businesses went belly up, or how bad the nation’s debt is, or how high unemployment rates are and how many people are filing bankruptcy compared to this time last year.

What they won’t report is the number of new millionaires that were made.

Or how many news businesses popped up because of the new opportunities this economy created.

Or how many investors were able to buy more homes for less money because when people lose their homes the banks sell them to investors like me for a discount.

The news media also won’t tell you that money doesn’t just disappear and that it just exchanges hands.

In other words, when people lose their jobs, their cars and homes someone else usually acquires them for a discount and resells them or rents them out for a profit.

I hope I’m able to open your eyes up with this message and show you that there’s HUGE opportunity out there for you if you play your cards right.

I hope you’re starting to see how an economic crash is an opportunity for those who are prepared… and sadly it’s a devastation for those who are not.


1) Adopt the “I will not fail and will do the work required of me” mindset.

2) Understand that money doesn’t go away… that it exchanges hands and you and I just need to figure out who has the money now and how we can get them to want and need our products and services.

3) Be willing to pivot, to create new offers and services and to reinvent yourself and your business.

4) DO NOT STOP MARKETING! The biggest mistake business owners do is ratchet back their marketing. Big mistake. You may have to cut costs or even cut employees but you should NEVER cut marketing – that is the lifeblood of all businesses.

5) Build your personal brand. If you do not have a personal brand and a big following then you need to start now. That means getting over your weird hang up about posting consistently on social media and go all in. Go all in on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and even a podcast.

Create content on the daily. Build an audience and that audience will buy from you and invest in you a year from now. But you’ve got to start creating daily valuable content now.

6) Invest in yourself. Get a coach or mentor who has been there and done that so that they can show you how to thrive and build a bigger business during the economic downturn.

I want to help you and the way I’m going to help you is by coaching you and showing you step by step how to kill it over the next 12 to 24 months.

You can find my best coaching programs here or you can text me on my iphone at (909) 536-3321 and tell me about your business and I’ll tell you which of my coaching programs will work the best for you.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. Looking forward to helping you scale your business and profits! <== My best coaching programs.

My Best Investments For Passive Income

I hear this question a LOT from people who follow me on social media…

“What’s the best investment?”

Look I know what y’all want to know when you ask what the best investment is.

You want to know how I invest my money and make it grow, right?

I’ll tell you.

But first, I’m going to tell you the BEST investment you can ever make…


For real!

Invest in your personal growth, personal development and your health and fitness.

That’s the highest return you’ll ever receive because it will make you more disciplined, more confident and more bold in terms of investing and building wealth.

So then, how do I invest money to grow it and generate passive income with it?

1) I’ve been investing in real estate for the better part of 15 years. I started off by buying single family homes and putting in tenets in them.
The idea is simple… buy a home in a nice area where young families want to live. Then put a family in and charge them enough rent to pay my monthly mortgage and to give me additional cash-flow on top of that. Basically someone else is paying off my homes and I’m getting monthly cash flow and my home are going up in value over time and getting paid off over time.

2) I invest in business that I believe in and know that I can help scale. This is definitely NOT for everyone but if you know and understand business at a high level like I do and have a big following that you can expose to that business then this might be for you. I grow these businesses and after a few years we sell them.

3) Multi-family. A couple years ago I stopped buying single family homes and moved on to apartments. The more doors you can rent the more cash flow you can generate and the higher the property value will go over time. Real estate will always be the #1 investment for me because the earth’s population continues to grow and they aren’t making any more earth. So it makes sense to invest in housing because everyone needs a place to live.

4) I also invest in crypto. Now for me, I invest what I’m willing to lose. Also, I don’t invest in the smaller higher risk coins. For me it’s a 70/30 split between Bitcoin and Ethereum and that’s how I like it. Doesn’t matter if it goes up or down I consistently invest in crypto because I see it as a long term play and I feel the world economy will ultimately go this way in the next decade.

I’m not into any of these high risk day trading things that stress people out and keep them glued to their phone. I think that’s just dumb and too high risk.

I’m a believer in wealth creation and that happens over time and with making the right moves WITHOUT tapping into your greed glands and getting stupid.

In fact I’m not the only one creating wealth this way. I teach this to many of my coaching clients too and they’ve created amazing wealth for themselves by making smart investments.

One client of mine who’s also become a friend is Tony Stephan and this guy is only 32 years old and has built up a multiple 7 figure investment portfolio. He’s a great example of how you can make smart investments and in just a few short years win your financial freedom.

Tony just put out a book entitled The New Rules Of Financial Freedom and you can get it here on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

This book is going to be a game changer for anyone who reads it and wants real financial freedom!


Bedros Keuilian