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The Dark Side Of Self Development

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that self-development and personal growth is a good thing and that we should all experience it. 

I think that’s been pretty well established. 

But there’s a dark side to personal and professional growth, the side where you end up screwing it all up. 

It’s something that many experience as they develop to the higher version of themselves only to fuck it all up and slide back into their old identity. 

I’ve experienced it myself so I share this from first-hand experience. 

It’s the upper limit. 

EVERYONE has an upper limit. It’s like a glass ceiling that you press up against as you develop personally and professionally. 

It’s your mental and emotional capacity in terms of growth. 

The goal is to break through that upper limiting glass ceiling, but more than not we end up pressing against this upper limit and our old identity pulls us back down to our comfort zone. 

Like I said, the upper limit is something that we all have… 

…but if we don’t navigate through it effectively we end of sabotaging ourselves and sliding back into the old version of who we are – your old identity (your comfort zone). 

In fact I see this with many of the men who first come to the MDK Project. They did the self-work, but at some point they hit the upper limit and went back to their old ways which led to more business and relationship problems. 

Here’s how the upper limit works. When you hit the upper limit, meaning when you achieve higher self-awareness, success, happiness or wealth or a deeper relationship your ego (YOUR OLD IDENTITY)  tends to bring you back down to where you’re most familiar with, in other words your comfort zone. 

This happens by giving yourself negative thoughts or doing negative behaviors that ruins what you’ve achieved – like losing all the money after winning lottery, arguing with your partner after becoming successful or thinking of negative things when you have happy thoughts because you’re just more familiar with a negative self-narrative.  

This is why I call upper limiting the KISS OF DEATH. 

How do you stop upper limiting so that you can enjoy your new level of personal and professional growth? 

You become self-ware that it’s going to happen, because it’s going to happen to all of us when we do the work and grow…

…and then you tell yourself that you’re worth it and not to f#ck it up. 

Talk soon,



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The Happiness Lie

Earlier last week I saw a headline that got my attention (good marketing!)


The headline read: 80% of millennials surveyed said being rich would make them happy.


As I read the article it went on to say that 75% of these same millennials surveyed said that fame would also make them happy.


Being curious I started googling studies on happiness to see what’s out there. I was blown away to find the longest university study EVER conducted was done by Harvard and it was an 80 year long study on happiness. HOLY SHIT! I dove in.


So in 1938 in the middle of the great depression Harvard decided to do a study on 600 men (decades later they added women to the study as well).


Half the study participants were students from Harvard and half were from the slums of Boston.


Many of these men ended up going to fight in the war.


Some died.


The rest came back and lived their lives and the study continued on for decades.


Some become rich and famous. One became a U.S. president. Some went from rich and famous to poverty…


Every two years for the last 80 years the participants were asked a series of questions, observed in their day to day relationships and given health check ups.


Here’s what they’ve discovered in 80 years of observation. Three things to be exact…


1) Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. The quality of our relationships matter. High conflict relationships (friendships, partnerships, marriages, ect) are toxic to health and happiness. 


2) Social connections are really good for us and loneliness kills. Isolated people are less happy. In fact, they found that isolated people have faster brain decline. 

3) Good relationships protect our minds AND bodies. Test after test proved that loving, loyal and trusting relationships keep the mind sharp and the person happy.


Pretty cool study.


What we’re all really chasing, is a level of true happiness.


Most believe that building a foundation with fame and riches,
magically builds stacks the bricks of happiness on top..


Not true!


Take a deeper look and reality looks like this,


 Surround yourself with great people,


Go far with others who have their sights on healthy living, in all places,


Build fulfilling relationships that grow in love, trust, and loyalty.


Build the fame and wealth with that foundation,


and you’ll see how much different your view of success and happiness is,


you’ll see how fast you’ll achieve with an environment of this nature,


and you’ll see how long and fulfilling your life can truly be..


Send this to that young person in your life, and if this is you,


Love and gratitude,




Work/Life Balance is a Myth

The personal development “gurus” have it all wrong… again. 

The other day I heard a life coach with a blue check mark talking about creating work/life balance and how vital that is if you want to live a good life. 


Look, if you’re tired of burning the candle at both ends and white-knuckling it through work and life while being an entrepreneur…

…let me clear something up for you and help you out by crushing this Work/Life Balance myth once and for all. 

Pay attention.

I’m married. I have 2 kids (a 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl).We’ve got 2 dogs and 1 cat. And I’m a serial entrepreneur with multiple companies and a big team at HQ. 

I share this to tell you that with these businesses and personal responsibilities, I’m still able to make it home for dinner every night and have plenty of family time. 

None of this would be possible if I had “Work/Life Balance”.

I rode that train and went flying off the rails and had a massive panic attack… nearly lost it all.

So how did I expand my empire while still being fit, leading my business and making time and loving up my family?

I’m glad you asked. I call it a Work-Life Mix. 

==> Go here to see the truth about “work-life” mix

Talk soon

Bedros Keuilian 

How To Build a Seven Figure Business

If you’re a new business owner or a veteran business owner who’s struggling to get to the next level of success, then we need to talk. 

Entrepreneurs like you always ask me how to get to the next level where they can break through the glass ceiling, start seeing bigger and more consistent profits and not having to work a crap ton of hours every day.

So think it’s just one simple answer… 

…kinda like if I could just give them a magic pill that will help them unlock 100% of their brain power.

I wish I could give you a limitless pill but I can’t.

But here’s what I can do for you to give you the 10,000 foot view of what it takes to scale your business to multiple 7 figures and beyond. 

Success (in terms of growth, profits and freedom) in business boils down to these three things: 

1.) The People: You the leader… as well as your team/employees. If      you’re a crappy leader, it’s gonna be a sucky ride with no real payoff in the end. If you have employees who are not bought into your vision and who don’t share your drive and enthusiasm, then you’re once again screwed and destined to struggle and stall. 


2.) The Product: Your product or service needs to be top notch. Not just good. But really great! Like it needs to exceed the expectations of your clients and customers to the point where they become evangelical about your business. If your product is just average then your business is going to die in this aggressively competitive environment.


3.) The Process: If you’re just winging your marketing, sales, service and customer support then you’re going to be screwed. Everything your business does must be driven by a process or system. Systems make scaling predictable. 

Now then, if you want to know how I help my coaching clients scale by 7 figures each year or more it’s because we focus on the three P’s above and dial in every single one of them until growth, profits and success become predictable.

It doesn’t  matter if you’re a brand new business or if you’ve been in business for five or ten years… 

…if you don’t have the People, Product and Processes dialed in you’re going to find yourself frustrated, hitting up against a glass ceiling and leaving millions of dollars on the table. 

Can I help you?

If you’d like me to help you scale your business by 7 figures and beyond like I have for these entrepreneurs then click the link below and see if my 12 Month Domination Year is right for you. 

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Talk soon,





How To Stop Failing And Start Winning

I was taught a great lesson in failure at the recent MDK Project class.

During hour 49 of 75 hours one of the candidates was starting to eye the bell, we’ll call him Tony.

In case you don’t know, our lead instructor for the MDK Project is Ray Care, a former Navy SEAL.

So naturally as you might imagine he constructed the 75 hour experience similar to the SEAL training they get where if you decide to quit, you have to ring the bell.

As candidate Tony was looking at the bell, instructure Ray asked him if he was ready to quit.

He said “no”… but I don’t want to fail.

And that’s the thing about failure… it’s NOT something that happens to you.

99% of the time, failure is actually quitting.

We quit too soon,

We quit when times get hard,

We quit when our plate gets too full,

We quit when it hurts,

We quit when adversity hits…

There’s a precursor to quitting. Before you quit anything you first start a negative conversation with yourself.

This negative conversation does a damn good job of justifying why you should quit.

If you choose to let the conversation continue then you’re going to quit, but you’ll tell everyone around you that you somehow failed.

But if you can catch the negative conversation before it takes hold then you can stop it and reverse it.

That’s what the Project is designed to do for you, to teach you how to STOP the negative conversations that lead to quitting and help you give voice to your inner savage.

We expose you to yourself and help you discover that ringing that f#@king bell ife should not even be an option.

How many of the little actions in your day are unknowingly associated with failure that’s a byproduct of negative self talk that leads to quitting?

You make promises, you keep them.

How many thoughts, actions, habits are in our control that influence winning?

Kill that negative voice in your head and cut the self-sabotage – it really is that simple.

It’s not easy, but it is simple.

Walk, talk, eat, think, serve like a F-ing savage!

And when you come out to experience the MDK Project for yourself, do NOT look at the bell…

…not even a glance!

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Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming MDK Project class, 


How To Be a Real Man

A few weeks ago while speaking at an event I was asked: how can I be a real man?  by someone in the audience. 

So I started off by saying… 

To be a man, you can’t show any emotion or vulnerability. 

Make sure to avoid all deep and meaningful conversations. 

Stuff all of your feelings deep down inside, keep your head down and just grind through life.

Walk on eggshells around everyone and avoid all confrontations. 

Be passive aggressive until you get so pissed off that you blow up at your wife.

Don’t ask for help… that’s weakness. 

Never do the deep work to heal…

…instead avoid, ignore and distract yourself so that you never have to work on the negative belief systems that haunt you. 

Never address your vices or addictions. EVER!

Always pretend that everything is okay and just continue to suffer in silence and quieting die inside. 


Yet this is how the majority of men live their lives. 

Reminds me of David Thoreau’s quote: The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

This was me for nearly 20 years. And it almost cost me everything. 

I don’t know what your inner-demons are. 

– Physical abuse you got from your dad.

– Insecurities your mom pushed onto you.

– Depression or crippling anxiety.

– Sexual abuse.

You might think that burying these demons deep inside of you is the best way to go about it. 

Or maybe if you just don’t think about them that they’ll go away. 

I’m here to tell you from first hand personal experience that they’ll show up in other areas of your life and haunt you until you address them and heal from them. 

They’ll show up in your marriage, your health, your friendships and in your business in ways that cause you to sabotage your health, success and happiness.


I got help.

I did the work. 

I healed.

Look, the last thing we men want to do is to bring up old shit and talk to a therapist about it. 

I was THAT guy. 

But I committed to doing the work and worked with a really great therapist for over a year to work through my s#!t and heal so that I could find peace of mind, fulfillment and happiness. 

Asking for help was the best thing I could have done because it helped me come face-to-face with my inner-demons, exorcise them, and then put them to rest.

Dude, listen to me, if you want to live a fulfilled life then you’ve got to get rid of the head trash that’s thwarting your growth, success, happiness and peace of mind. 

The alternative is to continue to suffer in silence. 

To continue to self-sabotage. 

To continue to chase the dragon and then feel like shit after. 

I want you to find peace, happiness and fulfilment…

…but it’s only going to happen if you’re ready to do the self-work.

This is why I created The Modern Day Knight Project.

It’s to help men stop suffering in silence and to finally start winning in life, business and in your happiness.

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Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming MDK Project class, 



Success Is Simple… But It’s Not Easy

What if everything complex in your life was actually easy and simple? 

Here’s a weird thought… 

…we humans tend to complicate things. 

We tend to add extra steps where they’re not needed. 

We tend to overthink, over analyze and over process things and that leads to complexity. 

And when things are complex we tend to avoid them. 

How weird is that? 

We over complicate things and then we avoid doing those things because it seems too complicated. 

I used to be the king of overcomplicating things. 

I’ve over complicated getting fit, muscular and lean. 

I’ve over complicated starting and growing a business. 

I’ve over complicated a bunch of things! 

Truth is, most things are pretty simple… 

If you want to get fit, lean and strong then start training heavy and fast, eat a clean high protein diet and be consistent. 

If you want to build a successful and profitable business then make sure that your product or service is really good at solving a problem that people have, then find the right leads through advertising and make them an offer where the value of the product or service is greater than the cost. 

That’s how I’ve built and grown Fit Body Boot Camp, TruLean Supplements and the Modern Day Knight Project

The old version of me would have complicated the process, added extra steps and would have over-thunk everything…

…and then the overwhelm of it all would have stopped me from executing. 

(I’ve actually done this in the past when I first started off in business) 

Look, it aint rocket science… until you complicate it and make it so. 

Success in any category of life is simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple. 

I’m convinced that humans simply complicate things as a form of procrastination. 

I hope this little rant of mine helps you achieve whatever it is that you’re trying to do in life. 

Talk soon, 


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Bedros Keuilian’s Morning Routine For Success

I changed my morning routine up in a big way and it’s really been working even better for me, so I wanted to share it with you guys here. 


I’ve shared my OG morning success routine in my book Man Up


I’d wake up at 5:30 AM and drink my 30 ounces of water, shower, then send out my three gratitude text messages and then get into GSD mode for about 3 hours. 


GSD mode is Get Shit Done mode. 


This is when I open up my laptop and knock out my emails, blog posts, social media posts and write copy.


Then at around 9:30 I’d head to the gym for my workout and then into HQ after that to serve my team.


BUT NOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED and I’m even more productive. 


So I still wake up at 5:30 AM and then drink my 30 ounces of water, shower, then send out my three gratitude text messages. 


Then instead of sitting down and going into GSD mode… I mix up a glass of Trulean Wellness Shot, drink it down, and then I head to the gym. 


So these days I’m working out earlier in the morning and then I go into HQ and go into GSD mode once I get there. 


I’ve found that exercising first thing in the morning really helps with my morning stress levels. This is something I figured out about myself in 2020 when the whole COVID thing started. 


About a month into the lockdowns I instinctively started working out first thing in the morning and that put me into a better creative place to do my morning work. So I stuck with it. 


Sometimes change is good. For me, this was one of those times. 


BTW, I was telling you about the TruLean Wellness Shot that I mix up and drink every morning before going to the gym.


During the whole COVID quarantine I set out to create the highest quality and most potent immunity boosting supplement ever. 


Truth be told, everything out on the market is trash. For example, they’ll have 1,000mg of Vitamin C and add sugar to it which competes for the same receptor site as Vitamin C does. 


Or you’ll find something that has Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc but the dosage is weak and it’s also sweetened with artificial sweeteners. TRASH! 


So I set out to create the best, highest quality product with 9 proven ingredients and vitamins, all properly dosed and naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.


If you want to try a box of TruLean Wellness Shots click here and you’ll get a big discount. 


Talk soon, 



What You Can Learn From a 65 Year Old Broke Old Man

True story, when my family and I escaped the Soviet Union and came to the United States, one of the first “American foods” we ate was KFC. 


Back then it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken… and I’m sure it’s still finger lickin good! LOL 


Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC was forced to close down his first business and retire. 


Since the business didn’t do so well, he wasn’t sitting on a pile of money when he retired. BIG PROBLEM. 


He did have a pension, and that would have been fine, but he only got a measly $105 a month from it. Even back than that was NOT a lot of money. 


That’s why Colonel Sanders, at 65-years-old came out of retirement to start Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). 


It didn’t become the national franchise that you and I know today. At least not overnight. 


In fact, for the first few years he drove around in his car selling chicken. Not the most sophisticated business plan, but it worked. 


That’s not the only thing he did in that car. 


When he wasn’t selling chicken, he was sleeping.


This was his daily grind. 


He’d wake up, sell chicken, and then go back to sleep.


Yet, with everything against him, especially his old age, he never gave up.

The dude just kept selling chicken. 


Soon he opened up his first KFC restaurant. 


Then he franchised it, giving others the opportunity to go into business with him.


And after 12 years of working on his dream and perfecting the secret recipe, KFC is known for…


…Colonel Sanders sold KFC for $2 million.


Now, this may seem like chump change in terms of today’s economy. But $2 million in 1964 is equivalent to $16,876,258.06 today. 


That’s stupid rich! 


If he was alive today, he’d be one of the wealthiest dudes on the planet, and on the cover of every business magazine.


The moral of the story: Never give up!


But there are more lessons in this story… 


  1. Pay your dues.
  2. It takes at least a decade to build a big brand. 

(Look what I was able to do with Fit Body Boot Camp in a decade)

  1. It’s never too late. Not even if you’re 65 years old. 


Listen, whatever your goals are in business I can tell you this. It’s going to be harder than you think and it’s going to take longer than you think. 


That’s the cost we all must pay for success and financial freedom. 


Talk soon,




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The #1 Business Leadership Lesson I’ve Learned

Let’s be honest, being in business is freakin hard!

That said, entrepreneurship is without a doubt one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. 

And as hard as it is, it’s also given me and my family amazing freedom and opportunities… 

…but damn, it ain’t easy. 

And I know you know that. 

In my experience, the most important part of being in business is leadership. 

Leadership is always the problem. Leadership is always the solution. 

For me, leadership was NOT factory installed. I had to learn it, the s-l-o-w way. 

Thankfully many of my friends and clients are former military, specifically from special operations groups… so I’ve had great examples of leadership around me to learn from. 

To gain special insight into how they lead others from the front, run smooth operations, and execute missions under skull-crushing pressure has been a gift for me – and I want to share it with you. 

Listen, business is like war.

You need:

  • Better info than your competitors.
  • Quickly use that info to make a plan of attack.
  • Execute that plan of attack.
  • And then reevaluate and attack again. 

This is why I surround myself with these calibers of men. 

Here’s one powerful leadership lesson you can apply to your life today:

Before you develop others, you must start by developing yourself.

In other words, if you want people to change, change yourself first.

I wish I learned this lesson years ago because it would have made my life easier.

I would have started bettering myself before asking my employees to change. 

See that’s the thing about leadership. 

Poor leaders are hypocritical… they want and expect change from others, but they don’t have the same level of expectation for changing themselves. 

Don’t ever be that dumbass! 

If you want your life, business, and family to change for the better, start by changing yourself first. 

It starts and ends with YOU, the leader.

This is the BIGGEST takeaway I’ve learned from surrounding myself with Navy Seals, combat hardened Marines, and other Special Operations Veterans who have led in battle and in life. 

It’s all a battle and it all comes down to your level of leadership. 

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

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