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How to Find a Great Business Mentor

First a short story about a famous NBA player, Allen Iverson who almost ended up missing his calling…

…and the mentor who saved his life.

There was a brawl that happened in high school that got Allen Iverson convicted for a year and sent college coaches running for the hills.

No coach wanted anything to do with Iverson!

Not John Thompson though. He gave Allen a chance, which then propelled him to the NBA Hall of Fame.

Coach Thompson saw the ONE thing in Allen Iverson that all coaches missed.

That’s what a good mentor has… outside eyes.

I share this with you because we must never forget the people who brought you up and believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

This is why I’m always saying thank you to my father for risking his life and bringing us to the United States.

And I’m always thanking my first mentor, Jim Franco for showing and guiding me on my path to entrepreneurship.

They helped lay down the foundation for me to build on, so I can become the man and entrepreneur I am today.

And for that, I’m massively grateful.

If you have anyone in your life who has helped bring you up as Coach John Thompson did for Allen Iverson or my father, and Jim Franco did for me, please thank them today.

Before I sign off for the day remember this: Never down the man who taught you how to swim.

Also, I’ve been blessed with the ability to thrive in business for many many years. And I want to help you grow your business and increase profits EVEN in these crazy times.

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I should first confess. I was a loser.

I’d easily give in to thoughts and emotions that were detrimental to my personal and professional growth.

The hardest thing I ever did was to accept the fact that I was sub-par in my thinking and therefore needed a check-up from the neck up!

That’s when I decided to avoid these 3 things because they were destroying my success… and probably yours, too.

1. Stop Focusing On Gossip And B.S. Conversations

These are not worth your time or energy. The people who start these pointless talks are the closest thing to real-life vampires. They suck you dry of your time, creativity, and energy, that you can apply to your business.

If you have to deal with these B.S. conversations and Gossip Queens, simply walk away. They’re not doing anything for you.

2. Stop Focusing On What You Don’t Have

Doing this puts you on a first-class ticket to imposter syndrome. All this will do is rob you blind of your happiness.

Let’s face it there will always be someone better looking than you, has a hotter spouse, or makes more money. Don’t focus on this because if you do, it gives you a scarcity mindset.

And you’ll never be happy because once you have the same thing the other person has, there will be another person with something better. And then you’ll be chasing after that, thinking it’s the missing piece that will make you whole. It won’t.

What makes you whole is focusing on how great you have it.

3. Stop Focusing On The News

The news is like poison for the mind. It seeps into your mind and fills it with fear, and negativity. Don’t forget the news is a business and fear sells.

This means they will keep pushing out fear to keep the lights on and to control the masses. If you want to be optimistic, positive, and abundant, you can’t be listening to the news.

Not focusing on these things must become rules to live by. Because if you don’t listen to what I’m saying…

These 3 things will make you feel like a loser and act like nuclear suicide bombers to your success in all of life and business.

Talk soon,


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Entrepreneurs and Addiction

In my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen porn, alcohol, drugs, infidelity, and overeating, destroy men and their empires.

Here’s the facts about driven men who become entrepreneurs…

  • We have addictive personalities (that’s what drives us)
  • When we’re stressed or overwhelmed we don’t talk about it
  • We tend to suffer in silence
  • If we don’t check ourselves we end up medicating with addictions

I’ve seen one person lose his $60 million fortune because of vices.

This doesn’t only affect multi-millionaires.

These vices are also affecting the entrepreneurs who slide in my DMs asking for help because they can’t seem to gain any ”traction.”

They point the finger at everything else for their failures but…

They never point at themselves.

They don’t point it at the vices sabotaging their success.

Some of these vices are out in the open. And some are hidden as skeletons in the closet.

Conquering these vices and addictions is simple:

  1. Be more disciplined.
  2. Have better habits and routines
  3. Have core values that lead your life
  4. Be a better leader of self and others
  5. Be willing to ask for help

These 5 things cost you nothing.

They’re within your control.

The same way how your attitude, and the time you wake up is within your control.

Use these 5 vice destroying tips to level up in your business, marriage, fitness and in life!

Talk soon,


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3 Business Lessons From Charli The Dog

My daughter sold me and the wife on getting her a new puppy – a king Charles cavalier spaniel.

The name alone should tell you that it was NOT cheap.

Chloe named her Charli… it took a few weeks for her to grow on me, but she did.

Make no mistake about it though, Cookie, my 85-pound Mastiff/Shepherd mix is my #1 and so that’s that!

But in a short time, we’ve had Charli, I’ve learned 3 important lessons you can easily apply to your business and life to achieve big leaps of growth.

These lessons can help you if you’re just starting a business or have a big business and team.

Here they are:

Patience Is A Virtue

This puppy isn’t Einstein. It’s taking a bit longer than expected to train her. For as tiny as she is this dog can pee and poop like no one’s business. We’re using a lot of patience with her training right now.

The same thing applies to your business goals. You want your business to reach a certain point, at a specific time, but it doesn’t happen. Things come up and delay your plans. For example, Covid-19. Be patient and keep doing the work.

Leadership Is The Problem And The Solution

There are no bad dogs or bad team members. There are only bad leaders. If you’re having problems in your life and business, before you point the finger, start by pointing it at yourself and see where you can level up in leadership. It’s usually in one of these 3 areas…

  • Communication
  • Vision
  • Training

Discipline Creates Freedom

If you don’t have the discipline to create the structure for a puppy, they will become one of those dogs that you see on the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan – chewing everything up and attacking everyone who comes to your home.

Discipline is non-negotiable for dogs. You need to do the same thing for yourself, too.

Establishing good habits and routines allows you to have the discipline that gives you freedom. Not just the freedom from work, but from stress.

Use these 3 lessons from Charli, and watch how much of a difference this makes in your life and business.


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Money, Success and Speed. What Your Favorite Guru Won’t Tell You About Making Money.

Back in the day, when I was struggling to grow my personal training business at LA Fitness, I took forever to do anything…

Even on the advice from my first mentor, Jim Franco.

I literally had two jobs and was trying to launch my fitness business – all without success.

Only when I look back do I realize how S-L-O-W I moved with my decisions and actions.

The opportunities that I saw pass me by, or slipped through my fingertips were happening because I was being slow to take action.

Here’s why that happens to newer business owners… FEAR.

Fear of failure.

Fear of looking stupid if it doesn’t work out.

Fear of going broke.

Fear of success (that’s a real one).

What most people will never tell you about success is that success loves speed.

It’s like a universal law or something…

Money and success are attracted to speed and decisiveness.

If you want to be successful, you must be fast.

Speed is key.

9 out of 10 times when an entrepreneur asks me why they’re not where they want to be, it’s because they’re slow in making decisions and execution… because they’re afraid.

I get it.

I used to be the same way.

Here’s a tip that helped me put a fire under my ass…

You’re going to want to write this down or frame it somewhere.

People are needlessly suffering because they’re slow to take action.

That doesn’t just apply to business either.

It applies to your fitness, your relationship and in your work.

You know what moves you need to make… but you’re too slow in making the moves because of fear.


Is this registering? Are you getting it?

Rant done.

Talk soon,


PS. Speaking of fear. If you have a fear of money or a weird relationship with making money then check out this post I put up on IG.

How to Lead Others To Success

Marcus Aurelius was one of the last Emperors of the Roman Empire before it fell to sh*t.

The dude was totally tuned in!

That’s probably why business exerts and thought leaders today still talk about him even though he’s been dead for centuries.

It’s because his ideas and philosophies have outlived him, and they will most likely outlive me, and even my great-grandkids.

Talk about leaving an impact!

Don’t you want that kind of impact? The kind of impact that shapes the leaders of today and the leaders of the future.

At the time, Marcus Aurelius was the most powerful man in the world. He could have easily let it all go to his head, but he didn’t let it happen.

He had bigger things to worry about, and it wasn’t the Vikings pillaging villages, disease, and other leaders. His biggest enemy was his mind.

HINT: Your mind is your biggest enemy, too.

Every day my dude Marcus would go to war with his mind.

He would constantly fight to be a virtuous man, not a powerful emperor.

Think about that.

Because this applies to the both of us more than you think.

Marcus Aurelius got it.

Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself.

And in order to do that, you must reflect on what you’re doing every day.

Reflect on your thoughts.
Reflect on your habits.
Reflect on your actions.

This is how Marcus fought off his negative thoughts. It was how he defeated his inner-demons.

And it’s how he became one of the greatest leaders in history.

He led himself FIRST, before he led his Empire.

Are you doing the same thing with your Empire?

Lead yourself before you try to lead others. Otherwise you’re leading by hypocrisy.


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Why Failure Is The Ultimate Test Of Your Desire To Succeed

He wasn’t good enough to make his high school basketball team, yet he became one of the greatest to ever play the sport.

Michael Jordan, first a failure… and then a massive success.

The other players chosen over Michael Jordan didn’t come close to accomplishing anything near what Michael Jordan did in terms of basketball.

This is one of the most famous stories ever told about Michael Jordan and it contains one of the most valuable lessons, not in basketball but… in life and in business.

It’s a lesson you can easily apply in your life and business today.

Our biggest lessons are learned in failure, not victory.

You won’t find a book, a course or a university education that will teach you the REAL lessons of winning like failure can.

If Michael Jordan would have made his high school basketball team he wouldn’t be the same person we know today.

He may have not even made it to the pros or had the legendary career he did in the NBA.

His failure put a chip on his shoulder to become one of the best to ever play the game.

He even talked about his failure in his Hall of Fame acceptance speech decades later.

This failure showed him that he needed to get better and that there was a price to pay.

See, that’s the thing. Oftentimes we think we have all the skills and abilities to become successful but failure will humble you and show you what skills and abilities you still need to master and refine.

With this, he reassessed his work ethic. His skills. His drive. His grit…

…and he placed that chip firmly on his shoulder and went into practice like a man possessed.

Victory wouldn’t have done this for him.

Failure is the launching pad for all who have seen massive success.

I share this with you because failure is part of the road to being a successful entrepreneur and leader.

But only if you get back up, humble yourself and do the required work, and put in the time to level up.

It’s just part of the job description. It’s what you signed up for.

Anyone who thinks that they DESERVE success because they’ve put in the time to learn, research, understand the industry, and the customer’s needs is a damn fool.

Without failure, at several points throughout the journey, you will never succeed.

That’s a fundamental fact and it’s how you’re tested by the universe to see if you’re really deserving of success.

It’s okay to fail. Just make sure you’re failing forward.


How to Overcome Anxiety

All I could think about was my family.

Who was going to take care of them if I died?

My life was flashing before my eyes…

My hands were balled up into a fist.

My heart was pounding.

I couldn’t catch my breath.

Sweat was dripping down my face.

I was convinced that I was having a heart attack.

Holy F! I’m having a heart attack!

I had so much more to do but now I was out of time.

Then all of a sudden, as fast as it came on, it was gone.

I Dodged a bullet! Turns out it was an anxiety attack… the first of many more to come.

This anxiety attack was the most crippling experience I’ve ever had.

I had no control over my body…

…and I thought I was going to die.

I share this with you because having anxiety means one of two things:

  1. You’re not dealing with an issue that you should be dealing with.
  2. You’re worried about something that might happen down the road which may or may not turn out bad.

When I had my anxiety attack, both of these were the cause.

And I could have easily avoided it by taking action.

You see, the best way to fix anxiety is with action.


Is something causing you to have anxiety?

Lean into it by asking yourself “what am I avoiding?” And take action like a motherf*ker and do something about it.

Work over worry!

Action over inaction!

Movement over meditation!

Preparation over praying!

Remember this brutally honest fact…

Action is the cure-all for your problems.

Talk soon,


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Is It Okay To Throw In The Towel?

Let me be real with you…

Almost in 2010, I was in a really bad situation… $640K in debt, stressed out AF and worried that the economic crash (of 2008) was going to put me under financially and physically.

I was scared.

I didn’t know how I was going to keep running my newly launched franchise Fit Body Boot Camp or pay my mortgage for that matter.

The economy was in the tank.

Businesses were dying off left and right – just like now.

Every day that past, it seemed like it wouldn’t get any better anytime soon.

It was dark times man.

Very similar to what we’re going through now, minus the pandemic.

Right now, you might feel like that it’s time to throw in the towel. Our way of living has almost gone back to caveman times.

The reason why cavemen lived in caves was that everything outside was dangerous and could kill them.

We’re just a modern version of it.

So if you were thinking of waving the white flag of surrender, I understand.

And if throwing in the towel is the right move for you, then I support you.

But is it the right move for you and your family?

Or will you be making a permanent decision while experiencing temporary feelings?

Look, some people are not cut out for certain things.

Like I know for a fact that I’m not cut out to be a doctor.

It’s very academic… and if you know anything about me, I’m not cut out for school or traditional education.

Now let’s change gears…

If you’re saying “fuck that” to giving up.

If you’re willing to stay in the fight.

If you know that this is just a phase of life and that this isn’t the end, then listen up!

Keep pushing.

Keep grinding.

Keep showing up.

This is your time to shine.

Don’t settle for a mediocre life.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Everything is going to work out.

When this all blows over, and you look back at this ten years later, you can laugh at all this craziness…

…and be grateful for this gift of adversity that helped us become even more resilient and successful moving forward.

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Why You Should Be a Control Freak, Too

I’m the BIGGEST control freak I know.

I am the control freak king.

Now before you get all uptight, understand this…

Being a “control freak” has gotten a bad rap in society. The same way Pitbulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers have.

So many people get bent out of shape when someone says they’re a control freak because they lack the personal discipline and emotional resilience needed to take control of their lives.

It’s that simple.

I know plenty of “control freaks,” they’re some of the most generous people on the planet.

Look at Craig Ballantyne…

Jocko Willink…

Joel Marion…

Ed Mylett…

They’re some of the biggest control freaks I know.

They control their thoughts.

They control their actions.

They control their attitude.

They control their time.

They control their environment.

And all this control gives us a massive advantage in business and in life.

Every single successful person on this planet is all about taking control of the situation and forcing the outcome in their favor through sheer will.

If you don’t take control of your outcome, someone else will control YOUR outcome.

I want you to sear this into your brain.

Because if you can’t control your life, prepare to be someone else’s puppet.

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but that’s what I’m here for. Think of me as your uncle you’ve never had.

I’m here to point you in the right direction, so you can dominate in life and in business.


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