Day: November 15, 2021

Why You and Your Old Friends Seem To Drift Apart

Have you ever had it where you see an old friend after some time has passed and then realize that you practically have nothing in common with him? 

Or maybe after a few years in being in a relationship with someone you find yourselves like two ships passing in the night… with almost nothing in common? 

Let me explain why this happens… 

Now, I have no scientific backing to prove this theory of mine. 

But I know it’s 100% accurate, real and true. 

I call it the 20 point gap.

When you and the other person have a 20 point gap or more in your IQ, EQ and AQ then you begin to feel like strangers. 

IQ = intelligence quotient 

EQ = emotional quotient

AQ = Adversity quotient

Here’s the thing… 

If you invest into your personal growth and self-development and the other person does not, then soon, over time, you’re going to create a gap between yourself and the other person. 

When that gap exceeds 20 points then you soon realize that you and the other person don’t think the same way. That you don’t share the same values. That you don’t have much in common anymore. 

It’s almost like you’re strangers now. 

I’ve seen this happen with employees where they choose not to grow when everyone else around them was growing. 

I’ve seen this happen with business partners where one partner invests in his/her growth and development and the other doesn’t and soon they become distant and no longer share the same vision, values or work ethic. 

I’ve seen it happen with relationships where one person made the decision to grow, to get fit, to evolve and to develop into a higher human and then other stayed the same… 20 point gap, then poof, they’re divorced. 

So if you’re on a growth path then encourage others around you to grow as well. And if they don’t then you’ll see and feel the 20 point gap and you’ll end up resenting them. 

And if you’re the person who isn’t growing and you feel the other person is changing, evolving and growing then you better get on the program or you’re going to find yourself by yourself. 

Grow or die! 


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