200. Build A Powerful Existence

Long time friend of Bedros, Aaron Hinde has built a Nootropics Energy Drink company, LIFEAID, growing to 20+ Million Dollars in sales.

But his journey goes back to his conflicted past as a Chiropractor to professional athletes. 

He attests his growth to him taking control back in his life, dropping the “victim” mentality and doubling down on his inner power.

Listen to this episode as Bedros and Aaron go down the rabbit hole of memories, and each other’s notable journeys to successful businesses.

“What you put in your body reflects how you show up in the world” – Aaron Hinde 


00:00 Introduction

02:18 – Aaron Hinde’s throwback to his journey to LIFEAID 

06:02 – The competitiveness in the Drink Manufacturing world

08:24 – How a Doctor aligned his vision to build a $20M  Energy Drink Business

16:10 – Why do some take the “victim” role?

26:45 – The Thought to Action Loop that controls our outcomes

31:49 – How does our children’s access to social influences affect our parenting?

35:55 – How can we reframe adversity into opportunity?

38:50 – What true alignment in your life looks like

41:14 – What pushed Aaron Hinde to have this exponential growth in such a short amount of time

49:20 – Realize how much power is truly within us 

54:49 – Bedros explains Joseph Campbell’s writing behind “Glowing Radiance” 


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