Episode 193

The Big Conversions you Need In Your Business

On this episode of The Empire Podcast, Dr. Aaron LeBauer gives us an episode full of insight when it comes to high converting sequences for their business, that they both have been putting into practice over the past 15-20 years generating millions of dollars. 

“ Focusing on perfection, as an entrepreneur, will kill your business.. ”

– Dr. Aaron LeBauer


0:00 – Intro

02:15 – Dr.Aaron almost dropped everything to become a professional… cyclist?

08:43 – Why and how did Aaron LeBauer choose to get into Physical Therapy? 

12:58 – Aaron tells us where he got his start, and his background in Marketing

15:04 – Bedros and Aaron give a breakdown of Direct Response Marketing and Funnels (TAKE NOTES!)

  • Identifying a NEED and becoming the SOLUTION
  • Coming with a giving hand
  • Selling a Course
  • Webinars
  • Bonuses

26:30 – Aaron pieces together a high converting Webinars

  • Must haves for an awesome landing page
  • When to turn a webinar into an “Evergreen” Webinar
  • Automated Emails
  • Testing your conversions

40:29 – Aaron and Bedros gives us insight on how his ability to solve problems, has outshined conventional knowledge on paper

47:20 – Bedros asks Aaron to give us access to one of his best highest converting funnels for us to take notes on 

48:20 – Aaron gives closing remarks answering the question : What stops people from making forward progress on their business?

*Bonus Offer from Aaron* – https://www.cashptblueprint.com/start-a-cash-based-practice


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