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What the f#@k is it?

By the time you get this email we will already be a couple hours into class 010 of the Modern Day Knight Project – simply known as The Project.

Everyone wants to know what the Project is.

Men are curious about it and want to know if they have what it takes…

…and women want men who have experienced and graduated from The Project.

The Project is definitely NOT what you think.

You see, the Project is massively misunderstood by everyone out there who think it’s just a 75 hour ass-kicking crucible where you get physically pushed, mentally smoked and challenged on every level.

In some ways it is… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The Project, in reality, is an unmasking of the false else.

Let me explain…

Most men go through their entire lives suffering in silence, white knuckling through life and living in quiet desperation… all while pretending that everything is okay and under control.

These men put on the mask of bravado, of fake confidence, of wit and humor, of financial success or irreverence and manufacture a false self to show the rest of the world that they have it all figured out.

But deep down inside they’re unsure of their path in life.

They secretly wonder if they really have what it takes and wonder if their friends and family can see the imposter that’s being veiled by a thin mask of false confidence.

Here’s the thing about wearing the mask of the false self… you never become the authentic version of the man you’re meant to be.

And only the authentic you can find and fulfill your purpose in life.

Truth is, most men feel like an imposter and therefore never reach their fullest potential.

You always seek the approval and validation of other more secure and confident men.

But the mask is there as a security blanket and it helps these men avoid and ignore the root cause of all their addictions and self-sabotage.

The mask of the false self is there to hide the wounds that were caused by trauma that’s gone unaddressed and unprocessed for decades.

And that’s what the Project is all about…

…the unmasking.

See, the most important work we do at the Project is to find and remove the toxic cognitions that have declawed men, created limiting beliefs and turned men into passive aggressive push-overs.

Once a man can remove the mask of the false self he becomes limitless in his personal growth, impact on the world and ability to produce income.

The Project is a special opportunity for men who are sick and tired of living average and mediocre lives and are finally ready to step up and become healed, capable and confident men.

If you want to follow class 010 then go follow my Instagram page and watch my stories over the next 3 days.

If you want to learn more about the Project and apply for a future class then click here to learn more.

Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming MDK Project class. 


Bedros Keuilian


Challenge For YOU

I’ve got a challenge for you.

Do you know all those deep meaningful quotes you post on social media?

Try living them.

I see “quote warriors” posting quotes like these on their IG:

  • “If you want the opportunity to knock, it’s time to build a door.”
  • “Work hard then work harder.”
  • “Say yes, take risks, and live life on your own terms.”
  • “Perseverance pays… a lot!”
  • “Look for the magic in every moment.”

Now here’s the thing about these quotes 9 out of 10 times the people who post these are not putting in the work.

They preach eating clean and never taking a cheat day, but they have a beer belly.

They preach that they’re hustling, but binging on Netflix.

They preach that they’re “building a door” yet they procrastinate on their goals.

If you’re going to post this type of stuff, practice what you preach, otherwise, you’re a hypocrite.

Nobody loves a hypocrite.

There’s nothing worse in my opinion.

Don’t talk the talk, if you can’t walk the walk.

Talk soon,



PS. The next Project Class starts in less than a week, these men have chosen to step up to the plate and see if they mean what they say, if they’re truly men of their word. MEN, if you think you’re capable, ready, and willing to put your words and quotes, your mindset, and toughness you claim you have to the ultimate test, Click here to apply to one of our upcoming Modern Day Knight Project Classes.

November has space for a couple more, but February 2022 is the class you’re looking to join.

Steal This 7 Figure Blueprint

Do you think you’d be a millionaire if you made $114 an hour?

You could, but you’d have to work 24/7/365…

…and if you could somehow manage that you’d make a million bucks in a year. 

To me, that’s not worth it because it would sacrifice my health, time with family, and sanity.

Plus, I’m pretty damn sure it’s humanly impossible. 

Now let’s say I made $114 an hour and worked 40 hours a week, for 12 months, I’d only make $280k a year. A little over a quarter-mill.

That’s not too shabby. I can live a pretty good life with that kind of bread. Yet, if my goal is to become a millionaire, and your goal should be since life continues to get more and more expensive… then you have a long way to go.

So how could you work less and make more?

Here’s the blueprint… 

Solve big and complex problems for a lot more money. 

Why? Because you can command more money for the solution that most other people simply can not deliver. 

For example, I solve business scaling problems for 6, 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs and help them dominate in their industry within a couple years. 

Because this is a big problem for them, I can charge a big price.

To work with me 1-on-1 costs $100K a year. 

Although this price may seem high, after working with me, my client almost immediately doubled, tripled and quadrupled their revenue within the first year.

To further double down on why you need to solve the big and complex problems to bring home barrels full of cash, let me do some simple “millionaire math”.

If you wanted to hit the million-dollar mark with a $100,000 service, you’d only need 10 people to buy your services. 

You see, it’s easier to get to the million dollars if you have fewer people and they’re each giving you huge chunks of money to help them solve their problems. 

Plus, with the fewer number of people served, you won’t need a big team or sacrifice hours of your time or your freedom. 

So if you want to work less, make more and shrink your overhead, then solve big and complex problems for people and charge a whole bunch more. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to charge $100K a year like I do. I built up to that over many years. 

But my challenge to you would be this: Why can’t you charge twice what you’re charging now in your industry? 

The way to do that is to figure out what you’d need to do to differentiate yourself and to find a problem in your industry that no one else is able to solve, then get really good at solving that.

Hope that gets your wheels spinning 😉 

BTW, I’m thinking about launching a 90 day income ignition coaching program for 6 and 7 figure earners who want to grow even faster in marketing, profits and time freedom. 

If you think this is something you’d want to learn more about when I launch it then send the words “90 days” via DM here on Instagram


Talk soon, 


Bedros Keuilian

Your Self Worth And Mental Health Depends On This

I wish I knew this rule before I got sucked into the B.S. of social media.

This rule would have saved me from a lot of heartaches and questioning my self-worth.

I’m 100% confident that your mental health will shoot up to the moon if you follow this rule.

This one rule will eliminate your feelings of being left out, behind, and depressed. And possibly help you break free of the mental-health-draining-grip that social media apps have you in.

This rule is in Jordan Peterson’s book, The 12 Rules For Life. I have MDK Project candidates read this book to help them change their mindset and belief patterns.

The rule is…

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

Read that again.

And then read it again to make sure it gets seared into your brain.

Why? Because your happiness, joy, and purpose depend on it.

What you see on social media is a highlight reel of the best stuff that people have done. Kinda like what you see on ESPN after the big game.

I used to compare myself to these highlights, and then have the wind taken out of my sails.

Comparison robs you blind from seeing how far you’ve come.

It robs you of seeing all the progress you’ve made.

I don’t want you to fall into this trap.

And it’s why I’m telling you to only compare yourself to who you were yesterday and nothing else!

At the end of the day, it’s YOU vs. YOU.

It’s NOT you vs. Chad.

It’s NOT you vs. Jess.

So put on the blinders and focus on yourself.

Talk soon,



PS. The next MDK Project begins in less than two weeks, and its one of our largest classes yet. 30+ men will start, and 30+ will not finish. It will probably be due to some type of comparison, and looking out further than within themselves. If you want to equip the tools that will quiet the outer noise, and stop the comparison to become a true winner internally. Read up on The Project by clicking here, and apply to possibly fill our November Class or February’s Class.


How To Turn Adversity Into Your Greatest Advantage.

When my family and I first came to the United States after escaping communist Armenia, we were broke and had nothing. 

Stupid adversity as at it’s highest level!

We lived in Section 8 (government assistant) housing and couldn’t afford to buy food, so my dad and I would dumpster-dive behind grocery stores and find food they had tossed out. 

We couldn’t speak a lick of English. My brother got fired from multiple crappy jobs because of this.

And because I was a small immigrant kid, I got picked on and beat up at school all the time. 

My dad would see this, but couldn’t do anything about it.

He saw us in situations that he couldn’t fix, and all he could do was see us suffer.

Yet with all this happening, he was always optimistic and encouraged us to be grateful for even the little things. 

To this day, I’m grateful for all the sacrifices he made and for instilling this mindset in me. 

To say that we lived in poverty and adversity is an understatement. 

But as Napoleon Hill says in his book Outwitting the Devil: Every adversity comes with the seed of equal or greater opportunity. 

Man, there’s so much truth to that statement! 

Sometimes the most painful, stressful and darkest times in your life are setting you up to become the next and best version of yourself. 

But the setup is going to require two things from you… 

  1. Knowing that you are deserving of success and abundance. 

  2. Working like a rented mule and being willing to pay your freakin dues! 

As the Few Will Hunt brand says… Everybody Wants to Eat, But Few Will Hunt. 

Never accept adversity as anything else other than a set up for your next big move. 

Never back down from doing the hard work that everyone else is afraid to do. 

Always be willing to hunt for what you want in life! 

Talk soon, 

Bedros Keuilian 

PS. Few Will Hunt is pumping out killer apparel for training and everyday wear. Check them out!

2 Types Of Men 1 BIG Difference

There are two types of men in the world.

A pleasure-driven man is out of shape, in a mental funk, and suffers in silence.

This type of man lives in a cycle of misery. That’s fueled by states of anxiety, depression, and stress.

And instead of answering their call to greatness, they silence this call with porn, drugs, procrastination, and food.

They know they’re meant for more. Yet with this knowledge, they don’t step outside of their comfort zone to get what they deserve in life. 

So instead of getting what they deserve, a pleasure-driven man thinks and talks about what they “could have done.” 

They talk about the “old days” when they were doing things, but something happened. 

Like a leg injury that stopped them from going pro. Or the scaling-to-the-moon business idea that never took off because of the economy.

This is a pleasure-driven man.

Then there’s the other type of man.

A purpose-driven man.

This type of man is focused, wants more from life, and will face any obstacle head-on to achieve his goals.

He knows he deserves more and answers his call to greatness.

He’s a protector, provider, and savage servant.

A purpose-driven man is a man of discipline that dominates his life while being a servant leader to others.

I tell you this because I want you to understand the difference and figure out what type of man you are.

If you are courageous enough to admit, you’re a pleasure-driven man, my hats off to you.

It takes a special kind of man to admit this.

I was a pleasure-driven man through my 20s and early 30s. I used to ignore my calls to greatness. Instead of answering my calls, I used to hide from them in a Barnes & Noble parking lot.

Fast forward to now, I never miss a call.

One of the calls I got is to help transform pleasure-driven men into purpose-driven men.

This is why I created the Modern Day Knight Project. A 75-hour personal development experience that transforms men to be purpose-driven servant leaders.

Click here to apply to the MDK Project in November 2020. This will be our final class of the year, and after 2021, the price will go up.

A person’s life can be turned around with just one decision: to become purpose-driven instead of being a pleasure-driven man. 

Which type of man do you want to be?

It’s time to take control. 

You deserve more than you’re getting right now, and you can get what you want in life. 

The first step is recognizing that there are two types of men out there and then deciding which type of man you want to be.


To your success,


The #1 Business Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

Imagine a sport where winning means having to lose at first. 

Crazy right? A sport where the only way you can win is to first lose. 

You’re probably asking WTF kind of sport is that? 

It’s the game of entrepreneurship. It’s a losing game for winners. 

Let me explain… 

When we start out as entrepreneurs we overestimate how easily success will come and we underestimate how long it’ll really take. 

This is the #1 business mistake that entrepreneurs make.

Are you tracking me so far? 

And then you’ll lose more money, more time, and more peace of mind than you bargained for.

More losing. 

This it’s why so many entrepreneurs fail. 

They underestimate how much time, effort, and work it will take to be successful.

They put in work for a year, fail, and then give up, not realizing that entrepreneurialism is the ONLY game where losing (several times) is required in order to win. 

But like I said a moment ago, this game is for winners, and what do winners do?

They never give up.

Because they never give up, they eventually discover the formula for success.

Here’s the formula:

– Fail 

– Start over

– Try again

– Ask for help 

– Be different 

– Find a better way

– Try again

– Don’t give up

The successful entrepreneurs you see today executed this formula for 5-10 years.

This means to be successful, you have to pay your dues for 5-10 years for the chance to reap the rewards of success.

This also means entrepreneurship is a long-term game that can’t be won with one year worth of work.

The social media gurus will never tell you that, but I’m here to tell you the truth, not to be your best friend. 

So if things aren’t going your way after 1-year, don’t give up.

Push forward. Fail forward. Ask for help. Keep trying. 


The cost of success demands this from us. 

To your success,

Bedros Keuilian 

PS. The August Project class is sold out. However, we still have 3 more spots for the final Project class of 2021, November, class 011. If you’re a business owner, CEO or executive and want to level up in leadership, money, family, fitness and fulfillment then click here to apply for class 011 of the Modern Day Knight Project.

If You Want to Win In Business, Focus On Quality

Do you care about the quality of your product or service?

I know the obvious answer is YES, but I’m going to challenge you today to see if quality actually matters to you.

I realized something about a decade ago that is literally the kiss of death for most businesses.

See, I coach and consult a LOT of entrepreneurs across a bunch of different industries so I get to see this big mistake that business owners are making all the time.

With my coaching clients this is the first thing I fix so that they can get on track to faster growth and even bigger profitability.

Because without profitability and business is not serving its purpose.


99% of business owners don’t focus on the quality of their product or service.

Think about it and be brutally honest with yourself for a moment. Is your product or service quality?

You might answer YES and say that it’s just as good as the competitors.

My challenge to you is this:

Is that good enough?

If you’re not known as the top provider of the product or service that you sell then you’re not focused on quality enough…

…and this is why you find yourself always marketing to get new leads and customers.

And you find yourself always competing on price against the other guys.

See, when the quality of your product or service does not stand head and shoulders above all the competitors then you become a commodity where people will shop you based on price and convenience versus quality.

Listen, the last thing you want to do is compete on price. NO ONE HAS EVER WON THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

If you want to build a business that crushes then go back to the drawing board and focus on quality.

Quality in every step of the process.

Quality is the sales process.

Quality is the support.

Quality of the product or service.

Quality on every level.

The kind of quality that makes the customer fall back in their chair and want to share your product and business with others.

When you become the known ‘thing” with the highest quality in product, service, support and sales then you DOMINATE the space.

Two such brands that deliver quality from the buying experience to the product being received and used are TruLean Supplements and Few Will Hunt apparel.

TruLean is my supplement brand.

Sure, I could have “white labeled” some popular supplement line and sold it. That would have been easier, but it would not have improved the quality.

So we formulated TruLean from the ground up with whey from grass fed cows, no hormones, nothing genetically modified and no artificial sweeteners.

Everything we put into TruLean products are natural and clean.


Then we focused on the flavor profile of our supplements. It had to be delicious and tasty.

After 31 attempts we nailed the flavor profiles.


Finally we wanted the customer buying experience to be quality so we spent a ton of time and effort in making our site easy and intuitive to navigate and we made delivery fast and convenient.


That’s how you stand out, get raving reviews, build a tribe like following and grow super fast!

That’s the point of this message…

The market space is crowded and if you want to stand out and grow then you’ve got to focus on quality on every level!

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. Check out TruLean if you use supplements and want the highest quality and best tasting product on the market. And check out Few Will Hunt if you believe in the idea that hard work trumps all. It’s a brand I’ve recently fallen in love with and wear all the time.

Owner’s Manual Not Included

I wish I was a smartphone.

Why? Because I’d have a damn owner’s manual to turn to when I spazz out. And it’d be super easy for me to change my settings whenever I wanted to.

Yet, I’m not a smartphone, I’m a human being.

This means I don’t have an owner’s manual.

We both don’t have one.

And we can’t change our “settings” to operate the way we want to with a few taps of your fingertips.

By “settings”, I mean, our mindset, habits, and routines.

In order to change these, we need to achieve self-mastery.

But that’s easier said than done.

Self-mastery requires you to put in work.

I’m not talking about the kind that you can put your feet up to relax.

I’m talking about the kind of work that will cause you to…

  • Deal with your emotional traumas
  • Overcome self-sabotaging mental blocks
  • And physically break your body down to rebuild a new and improved one.

This type of work leads to self-mastery.

Self-mastery gives you admin access to your “settings” that control your emotions, actions, thoughts, and feelings.

The more self-mastery you develop, the better equipped and more confident you’ll be to discover your purpose. 

Self-mastery gives you admin access to your innermost being where you can discover how you want to live life best. 

It also allows you the space to explore who it is that deserves your focus and attention; at work or home, with friends or family – anyone or anything else!

To your success,


Bedros Keuilian

PS. I have something for you, if you’re a high performer in need of high quality products to fuel you throughout the day like I do, Everyday Energy by Trulean is the answer. My team and I worked day and night to formulate the best all natural, sugar free, brain booster on the market. Use this one-time offer to add Everyday Energy to your daily routine.



Dissolve Anxiety By Doing THIS

“I’m dying… this is how I go”

That’s all that was running through my mind when I thought I was having a heart attack at 38 years old.

Luckily, I didn’t have a heart attack. I later found out that it was the first of many anxiety attacks to come… which was a blessing in disguise.

This anxiety attack sent me on a 16 month long journey into fixing and dealing with my stress and anxiety with my therapist, Kevin.

For 16-months, Kevin helped me change the way I look at anxiety and the much deeper traumatic issues that I left unprocessed for decades that really lead me to that fateful day of having my first anxiety attack. 

This new perspective helped me manhandle my anxiety and take back control of my life.

Kevin showed me:

  • Anxiety is anticipation of future pain. 
  • Action elevates anxiety. 
  • HALT (when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired you’re much more likely to get triggered and have another anxiety attack.) 

Taking action is the most important part about gaining back control of your life and living your purpose.

The only way you can give anxiety a “chill pill” is by taking action.

And procrastinating on that conversation, that thing, or whatever it is is what’s causing your anxiety.

The more you procrastinate, the more your anxiety builds up. 

When anxiety builds up it begins to show up as depression, moodiness and just an overall sense of being funky. 

I struggled with all of it. 

It’s kinda like shaking a soda can. The more you shake it, the more the pressure builds up, and when you open the lid, it explodes.

The same thing happens with your anxiety. The more your anxiety builds up, the higher your chances will be to have an anxiety attack, go into depression and feel funky. 

And the only way to relieve this pressure is to start taking action.

Deal with your past traumas. 

Heal and let go. 

Process through the pain and come out whole on the other side. 

Like I said a moment ago, anxiety is worrying about future pain, and to get rid of the pain, you must take action.

But the DEEPER cause of anxiety and depression for most people (myself included) is the unresolved trauma and the healing that comes when you finally resolve it. 

That was the game changer for me. 

It wasn’t easy. 

It wasn’t fun. 

But it was absolutely worth it to heal, to become whole, to be right with my family and to stop sabotaging my success and happiness. 

I appreciate you for allowing me to get a little vulnerable here. I hope you decide to do the self-work, too. 

If you’re suffering in silence and white knuckling through life then I’d like to help you heal, thrive and get dialed in on your life’s purpose and passion by extending an invitation to experience the Modern Day Knight Project. 

It will be the scariest thing you’ve ever done, but it will also be the single biggest launch to personal success, happiness, fulfillment in both business and in your personal life. 

Click Here to Apply for the MDK Project. 

Talk soon,