Author: Joan Arca

Don’t Let This Bite You In The A$$

We all have things we know we need to do but don’t feel like doing.

We could make excuses and put things off for another time. Still, eventually, the decision to procrastinate will bite us in the ass.

This is why you’re getting paid for the decisions you made years ago or paying for them now.

Look, man, your decisions today will either pay you or cost you years from now. What will you do?

If you decide to procrastinate on your work, you’ll most likely be stressed out and won’t be able to enjoy your leisure time as much.

However, if you push yourself to do what you know you need to do, even when you don’t feel like it, you’ll reap the benefits later on.

This has been my secret to success. It’s also been Elon Musk’s, Joe Rogan’s, and anyone else you think has it all figured out.

And I get man, it’s so tempting to take the easy way out.

But when it’s all said and done, it’s always better to do what’s best for yourself.

So be strong and make the right decision — it’ll pay off in the long run!

To your success,



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The Fulfillment A Man Should Seek

If you can’t be impressive without your “stuff” you aren’t very impressive.

Today’s message may rub a few people the wrong way, but it’s the truth.

A Rolex, fillers and Ferraris can’t buy you the self confidence or the respect from others that you’d get by actually working out, eating right and looking good naked.

The cars, watches, jets and homes however are a great reward for working hard on your health, fitness and business goals.

I tell you this cause I’m guilty of using “iced-out” Rolexes and sports cars to beef up my fragile confidence.

I used to think these put me ahead of everyone. But in reality, these held me back from having the self confidence money can’t buy.

I learned this lesson the hard way so you don’t have to.

Also a lot of men, including myself, have used this to unlock that self confidence a Ferrari could never give us.

To your ultimate success,


The REAL Noise You Should Be Listening To

I have bad news for you today, and it’s a good thing. 

It goes without saying the world is f@cked up right now. Gas prices are stupid high. Inflation is “going to the moon”. Russia is being a d!ck. Texas is on fire.

The list could go on and on. 

My anxiety just spiked up writing that. Did yours too?

If it did, that’s okay. A lot of wild sh!t is going on right now.

But this gives us the perfect opportunity to practice emotional discipline.

Emotional discipline: You have the power to choose how you feel.

Sure you can feel doom and gloom about everything. That’s your god-given right, but that’s a low frequency to operate in. 

And if you operate in a low frequency what else would be dragged down? Your emotions? Relationships? Income?

Since you have the power to choose how you feel, why not choose to feel optimistic.

This is a much higher frequency to operate and live in. Here’s what Forbes has to say about optimistic people…

They are genuinely happier, healthier, more attractive people. They have an energetic sparkle that draws everyone to want to be around them.

I guess you could say “I’m sparkly” cause I’m an optimistic person. Probably just like you.

And look, I’m not saying what’s happening in the world is a good thing. My heart goes out to the people affected by Russia, and the fires blazing in Texas.

But those things are out of my control, so why should I put my energy and focus into them?

The only thing in control is my attitude

The media can’t control it. Big tech can’t control it. And the government can’t control it either.

I’m the ONE in control.

The big takeaway I want you to get from today’s message is that everything is gonna be okay. 

Focus on your goals, mission, and purpose. 

The other stuff that’s going on in the world today is just background noise.

Background noise that can easily be ignored.

Always rootin’ for your success,


P.S. Wanna ignore the noise and live a purpose-driven life, look at this video.

Life Update After My Texas Trip

I just got back from Texas last night. To say it was a blast would be an understatement.

We got a TON done in a short amount of time. 

I was with some f!ckin badasses in Texas like Ray “Cash” Care, Nick Bare the CEO of BPN Supplements, and Tim Kennedy former UFC fighter and current Green Beret.  

The trip was kinda spontaneous but purpose driven. 

Like any entrepreneur, this is how we want to live our lives.

We want the freedom to do what we want,  when we want and where we want.

Isn’t that what life (and America) is all about?

I share this with you because without my all-star team at HQ this “spontaneous” trip wouldn’t be possible. 

My team performs like the 1992 Basketball Dream Team. That team was stacked with killers who dominated the 1992 Olympics.

And if you want to have more freedom to live life on your terms, assembling your own “Dream Team” is mission-critical to your success.

Now here’s a heavy dose of reality: Assembling your “Dream Team” will take time, and you’ll most likely fail to build it in your first couple of tries.

Why? Because you’re the first member of your “Dream Team”. You’re the foundation that everything will be built on.

So if your foundation is built like a sandcastle, you’ll crumble under any pressure. 

But if your castle’s foundation is built on granite, you’ll become an unmovable object (that even hurricanes can’t topple over).

The 1992 Dream Team had an incredible foundation which allowed them to dominate their competition.

Do you get what I mean?

So if your foundation is built like an impenetrable fortress, it becomes easier to build your “Dream Team”.

What I’m trying to say is lead by example. 

Building your “Dream Team” starts with you. And if you’re not someone who you’d want on your team, how do you expect any other badasses to join?

So before building your team, evaluate if you’d even make the roster. If not, you need to lead yourself first, before anyone else.

But if you’d be the #1 pick on your team (like Michael Jordan), start building your “Dream Team” my friend.

Alrighty, there’s a squat rack calling my name, so I’m gonna wrap this up to head to the gym.

Enjoy your weekend, I’m rooting for ya.

To your success,


Bedros Keuilian


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If you had a f*cked up childhood and struggle with your inner demons…

I want to let you know – you’re not alone feeling this way.

It took me nearly 3 decades to tell anyone I was consistently molested by two older boys in Armenia.

Many of us have gone through some sort of trauma before. But trauma shouldn’t be a d!ck measuring contest cause trauma is trauma.

I learned this from my therapist, Kevin.

If you’ve experienced any trauma as a kid, it’s more than likely f*cked up your childhood.

Nothing will change what happened to you (unless you have a time machine).

What’s happened, happened. 

Yet that doesn’t mean it’s your fault. You were just a kid.

We didn’t have control over what happened to us.

But what we do have control of is how it’ll affect our future.

Another way to say this: It’s your fault if you stay a f*cked up adult who repeats f*cked up patterns that f*ck up your life.

Unf*king yourself is hard work, but it’s the greatest work we can ever do because of the ripple effect it creates in our lives.

Yet few are willing to step up to the plate. This is why I created… 

The Modern-Day Knight Project to help men unf*ck themselves so they can break free from the toxic cycles stopping them from reaching their full potential.

The Squire Program to help young boys have a rite of passage to manhood so they can become confident leaders of the future. 

And it’s why I invested in Few Will Hunt, who created a movement of restoring the dignity of HARD WORK.

Unf*cking yourself is hard work, my friend. 

I’m still doing it now, even at the ripe age of 47 years old. Which is great because the more work I do, the better my relationship with my wife, son, and daughter gets.

I’d love for this to happen to you too.

So if you’re doing the work, I respect your noble pursuit and let me know how I can support you.

To your success,


Bedros Keuilian


5,126 Failure’s For 1 Success

James Dyson failed 5,126x to become the richest man in England. 

Name sound familiar? He created the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal. What’s crazy about this modern-day genius is that it took him 5 years to create his masterpiece.

Talk about dedication. James ate sh!t for 5 straight years, working hard day and night to achieve his goal of making the best vacuum possible. 

Stories like his aren’t uncommon – I’ve been in his shoes before. But instead of shaking up the vacuum industry, I decided to shake up the fitness industry with Fit Body Boot Camp

And like James, our hard work impacts hundreds of thousands every day.

Elon Musk is also on this journey, but with rockets and cars.

And so are YOU!

This just shows that you’re in great company and are on the right track.

If you’ve been struggling to bring your dream to reality, that’s NORMAL.

Keep working hard at your dream. 

Keep working hard to change your family’s financial bloodline.

Keep working hard to leave a legacy you can be proud of.

It took James Dyson 5 years of hard work.

Hell, it took me 15+ years to get to where I’m at today.

But like most things, great things come with time, like a 25-year-old scotch. 

If you don’t feel like things are “clicking” the way you want them to, keep working HARD.

Keep showing up.

The light is at the end of the tunnel.

Rooting for your success,


Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Hard work is our greatest teacher. Which is why Few Will Hunt created the Teacher Tee to remind you of this fundamental truth.


Don’t Get Old

This weekend I was at a friend’s 50th birthday party and I was reminded of the best lesson that I’ve ever learned in life…

…to never peak.

If you’ve read my book Man Up then you might remember what Never Peak is all about – Never Peak, The Best Is Yet To Come.

See, far too often people peak in their hay days and then everything after that is all down hill.

It’s like for most people the best of life is behind them… their days in highschool, college, on the sports team or military.

And now, they just exist day to day with their best days behind them.

See, this weekend at my friend’s birthday party I noticed how fit my friend is compared to all of his friends that he grew up with.

He’s got a six pack and they have guts.

He’s got a positive mental attitude and they just seemed to be a little down about life.

He’s got a new career and he’s doing new things in life and they’re just kind of stuck in the rat race.

Look, life isn’t about hitting your best PR’s in your 20’s and 30’s and then sliding downhill from there…

…life is about constant growth, constant evolution, and constant improvement.

The Japanese have a word for this: Kaizen, constant and continuous improvement.

I call it the “Never Peak” mindset. Never peak, the best is yet to come!

Keep growing, evolving, trying new things, challenging yourself, learning and exploring.

Don’t let your body and mind go to s#it.

Don’t let your attitude suck.

Don’t get stuck in the past.

Look forward to the best of you in the future and you do that by constantly leaning into the sides of your comfort zone.

If you’re ready to challenge and transform yourself then check out this video and see if it calls you to step out of your comfort zone.

Talk soon,


PS. I have a feeling this video is going to be a game changer for you!

Steal This 7 Figure Blueprint

Do you think you’d be a millionaire if you made $114 an hour?

You could, but you’d have to work 24/7/365…

…and if you could somehow manage that, you’d make a million bucks in a year.

To me, that’s not worth it because it would sacrifice my health, time with family, and sanity.

Plus, I’m pretty damn sure it’s humanly impossible.

Now let’s say I made $114 an hour and worked 40 hours a week. For 12 months, I’d only make $280k a year. A little over a quarter-mill.

That’s not too shabby. I can live a pretty good life with that kind of bread. Yet, if my goal is to become a millionaire, and your goal should be since life continues to get more and more expensive… then you have a long way to go.

So how could you work less and make more?

Here’s the blueprint…

Solve big and complex problems for a lot more money.

Why? Because you can command more money for the solution that most other people simply can not deliver.

For example, I solve business scaling problems for 6, 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs and help them dominate their industry within a couple of years.

Because this is a big problem for them, I can charge a high price.

To work with me, 1-on-1 costs $100K a year.

Although this price may seem high, after working with me, my client almost immediately doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their revenue within the first year.

To further double down on why you need to solve the big and complex problems to bring home barrels full of cash, let me do some simple “millionaire math”.

If you wanted to hit the million-dollar mark with a $100,000 service, you’d only need 10 people to buy your services.

You see, it’s easier to get to the million dollars if you have fewer people, and they’re each giving you huge chunks of money to help them solve their problems.

Plus, you won’t need a big team or sacrifice hours of your time or your freedom with fewer people.

So if you want to work less, make more and shrink your overhead, then solve big and complex problems for people and charge a whole bunch more.

This doesn’t mean that you have to charge $100K a year like I do. I built up to that over many years.

But my challenge to you would be this: Why can’t you charge twice what you’re charging now in your industry?

The way to do that is to figure out what you’d need to do to differentiate yourself and find a problem in your industry that no one else can solve. Then get really good at solving that.

Hope that gets your wheels spinning 😉

BTW, I’m launching my Ignition Mastermind Group Feb. 28th for 6 and 7 figure earners who want to grow even faster in marketing, profits, and time freedom.

If you think this is something you’d want to learn more about, send the word “Ignition” via DM here on Instagram.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

The Big Stupid Mistake That Entrepreneurs Make

I was guilty of this stupid mistake when I started off in business, too.

It’s the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make and it costs them money, lost time and a ton of frustration.

The mistake is when you try to be everything to everyone because you think by doing that you can reach more customers.


Look, unless you know who your ideal customer is and who they ARE NOT you’re going to have a hard time growing your business and it’s going to be very painful.

I’ve made this mistake before and it cost me over $126,000 in debt. So when I started Fit Body Boot Camp I did things differently.

For example: When I started Fit Body Boot Camp I knew EXACTLY who our target market was – women who were moms, pressed for time and wanted to get fat loss and fitness results in a none intimidating gym.

That’s why FBBC is a 30 minute high intensity workout program that uses functional equipment and not intimidating barbells, squat racks and other bulky equipment.

We know what the pains, frustrations and desires are of our female market so in our marketing message we’re able to speak directly to them…

…and at the same time we know who we’re not speaking so it’s easier to polarize and only target and attract the perfect FBBC client.

Same thing goes for Few Will Hunt – even though FWH sells awesome apparel, it’s NOT an apparel company. There are literally thousands of apparel brands out there with good designs so that’s a market we’re not interested in competing in.

Few Will Hunt is a movement and the movement is RESTORING THE DIGNITY OF HARD WORK.

It’s what separates FWH from the competitors.

While everyone else is selling t-shirts, shorts, hoodies and joggers with great design, Few Will Hunt is selling to a certain type of person, the person who respects hard work and isn’t allergic to it. And that’s why they buy and then share the brand with others.

Everyone else has customers but Few Will Hunt has a community of people from all walks of life who have ONE THING in common – hard work.

Everybody Wants to Eat, But Few Will Hunt

If you get it then you get it… no explanation required. That’s Few Will Hunt.

So back to your business.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re selling, what matters is that you know who your ideal customer is and who they’re not so that you can effectively market and sell to the right person and so that you can repel the wrong people.

If you can identify the age range and gender of your ideal customer then you’re off to a good start.

But if you really want to drill down your business and make the millions then you’re going to what to know stuff like this…

– what keeps your ideal customer awake at night?

– what are their biggest frustrations?

– what are his or her specific goals?

– why would they use you and not your competitor?

– what objections would they give you before buying your product or service?

Once you clearly have these listed out for yourself now you know who your avatar is, how to find them on the web by targeted advertising on google, Facebook, IG, TikTok, YouTube AND you know exactly how to speak to them in your marketing by entering the conversation in their heads.

The moment you can stop being everything to everyone and start being something to someone is when you’ll see your business thrive!

BTW, I’m launching the Business Ignition Mastermind and it’s for entrepreneurs who want to scale faster, increase profits and have more sales.

Click Here To Learn More About The Business Ignition Mastermind.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

How Broke People Become Millionaires

I used to always wonder what it took to become rich and successful.

Being an immigrant and all I’ve always had a hang-up with money and never being able to make enough of it.

And growing up broke and living in Section 8 housing made me want to become a millionaire… so that’s where my search for the “secret” began.

Since then I’ve been blessed to reach my money goals…

…and these days my achievement goals are to build businesses that create opportunities for driven people who want to level up in any category of life.

So here’s what I know about the science of achievement:

In order for you to achieve the next level of growth, success or transformation you’ve got to put in enough effort to create the necessary change.

The best example I can give you is how boiling water turns into steam…

Water turns to steam at 212 degrees. Not 211 degrees. If it’s at 211 degrees you’ll just have boiling water.

In order for water to transform to steam (air), you only need to raise the temperature by 1 degree.

This 1-degree is the difference between water being used for tea or to powering a nuclear power plant.

Just one degree of change.

So why should you care about this 1 degree?


That one degree transforms water to steam at a molecular level.

If you ever face adversity, you must transform yourself to overcome them in order to get to the next level.

And for you to transform you must put in that extra degree of effort.

See, that’s what most people don’t realize about success and achievement… it’s not like you have to work 10X harder than everyone else.

Change and transformation happens when you increase your effort over time just by one more degree.

Going from 211 degrees to 212 degrees is what building transforms what into steam.

That extra degree can help you…

– Start that new side hustle.

– Quit your 9-5 and go into business for yourself.

– Go from making 6-figures to 7-figures a year.

– Become the authority in your industry.

Go from working IN your business to working ON your business.

– Finally lose weight and get back into shape.

So with that being said, if you want that next level of achievement and transformation in your life, just remember that all it takes is putting in that little bit of extra effort over time.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. The final Coaching Program I’m doing in my career, The Ignition Mastermind Group, takes place at the end of this month. If you’re looking to change and transform in business and in life then this might be EXACTLY what you’re looking for.