Author: Joan Arca

The Dumbest Mistake Business Owners Make

“I just need to make more sales and then we’ll be okay”

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard a business owner say.

Yes, sales matter… A LOT.

But you know what matters more?


Customer retention is the #1 determining factor of profitability and success for ALL businesses.

Here’s why…

If you can increase customer retention then you’re going to make more money from that customer, right?

Duh! That’s not rocket science.

When you retain your customers that means that new sales are ADDING to the profit margins and not just replacing the customers you lost.

See, most business owners are just playing this stupid little game of “make up” where they make a sale just to make up for the last customer they lost.

How in the hell are you ever going to grow that way?

In other words, rather than fixing the customer attrition problem and increasing retention, most business owners are focused on making new sales.

That’s all wrong!

Look, NEW SALES + CUSTOMER RETENTION = higher profits.

That’s the formula.

Here’s why retention matters more than sales…

When you retain a customer, you end up doing business with them longer.

Customer retention is a byproduct of delivering the results that your customers want and expect.

And when your customers get results then they’ll start referring their friends and family to you… and now you end up making even more sales.


This works with every type of business…

At Fit Body Boot Camp we help our franchise owners open successful gyms. We go out of our way to help them get leads, turn them into paying clients and keep those clients for the long haul. Because of that our FBBC franchise owners end up opening up more FBBC locations.

Same thing happens in their Fit Body Boot Camp gyms
They deliver the fitness and fat loss results that increase client retention and referrals. And that increases income and profits.

Same with TruLean Supplements

We went out of our way to create a supplement line from the ground up that’s all grass fed whey protein with no GMO or hormones in it. Everything is sweetened with natural stevia and monk fruit – NO artificial sweeteners. Because of that people LOVE how TruLean tastes and the results they get from it. So they buy more (retention) and they tell everyone about it (new sales).

You get what I’m pitching here?

Customer retention is the #1 indicator of the success and growth of all businesses. If you’re losing customers and clients and you’re trying to back-fill that revenue with new sales then you’re fighting a losing battle.

And if you want me to help you increase customer retention as well as sales, marketing, systems and your leadership then you’ll want to check out this new mastermind mentorship I’m launching.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

The Truth About Money and Entrepreneurs

Being an immigrant to the United States was damn hard!
When we first escaped communist Soviet Union and came to the United States we had a rough go of it.. very rough. Like one time I had to get my hair washed with gasoline that my dad siphoned out of a car  when I got lice because we couldn’t afford lice treatment. That’s how little money we had. 

So growing up poor and broke gave me a weird relationship and complex with money. 

These are all the myths I believed about money… 

– Money is not for me, it’s only for the rich.

– Money is hard to come by. 

– Money is impossible to grow. 

– Money is not for blue collar people. 

– It takes money to make money. 

– I’ll never be rich. 

Truth is if it wasn’t for my first mentor, Jim Franco I would have never fixed my relationship with money. 

When I was a personal trainer in a big box health club Jim was my personal training client…

…he was also an entrepreneur and millionaire who took time to mentor me. 

Thank God he spent time with me after his workout sessions and poured into me and then taught me that if I wanted to be successful at something that I needed to hire a coach and mentor who could guide me. 

Here’s what I learned from Jim about money…

– Money is just a vehicle to freedom. 

– Money goes to people who can solve problems. 

– The bigger and more complex the problem that you solve, the more money you’ll make. 

– Money is attracted to speed, so work urgently.

– Money does not discriminate… it will flow to whoever attracts it and does the work to keep it. 

My entire outlook on money was changed because of ONE mentor and the time he took to educate me. 

It’s been 19 years since Jim shared these truths about money with me and since then I’ve create two software platforms that generate millions of dollars in annual income, Fit Body Boot Camp – a global franchise, TruLean Supplements, various coaching programs and hold equity in several rapid growing businesses and brands. 

I don’t say any of this to impress you… but to impress upon you that success leaves clues and a great mentor can show you how to create generational wealth so long as you’re willing to do the work. 

Listen, if you’re an entrepreneur and you still have a weird hangup about money, then I’m asking you to please fix it. 

And if you’re ready to have me help you scale your business so that you can make more money, get more leads and increase your marketing then you’ll want to take a look at my all new

Ignition Mastermind Program – it kicks off at the end of this month and it’s going to be a game changer! 

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One “LUCKY” Ticket Filled His Life With Constant Tragedy

In 2002, Andrew Whittaker won $315 million playing the Powerball Lottery. 

After winning, he often said, “I wish I had ripped the ticket.”

I don’t blame him because that one “lucky” ticket filled his life with constant tragedy. 

Everyone close to him kept asking for money.

His wife left him.

And shortly after, his favorite granddaughter was found dead in a van, her junkie boyfriend left her in.

It’s tragic what happened to him, but I think many of his life’s misfortunes could have been avoided.

How? With painful conversations.

He should’ve had painful conversations with:

  • The people who kept asking him for money to set clear boundaries.
  • His wife to fix their relationship.
  • His granddaughter to stop being a junkie and get clean.

I’m no fortune teller. But maybe his life would have turned out differently for the better, instead of being filled with regret, sadness, and anger.

These hard conversations are often avoided because they’re too painful.

We have a big flaw as humans because we’re wired to avoid pain and move towards pleasure.

Since we’re wired like this, we tend to stick to comfortable things.

This is why so many people today live in mediocrity.

But if you don’t want to live a life of mediocrity, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Because the pain you feel in discomfort is the catalyst for growth.

The catalyst for living the life you want.

The catalyst for reaching your full potential.

This is why I wear my Pain Tee to remind me to lean into the pain.

Use the link below if you want the reminder to lean into the pain instead of comfort.

If you don’t see your size available, it’s because we’re out of stock at the moment.

The Pain Tee is one of our most popular Few Will Hunt shirts.

To your success,

Bedros Keuilian








The Surprise Attack That Defined A Nation

On Christmas morning, General George Washington did the impossible.

With a small group of madmen, the course of history was changed forever.

Together, these savages crossed the freezing, ice-filled Delaware River to launch a surprise attack on the Hessian Army. 

This group of German mercenaries made up 25% of England’s ground forces in the American Revolution.

At the time, a surprise attack on a world-class army was ludicrous. 


Because Washington’s group was outmanned, outgunned, and outclassed.

But this didn’t stop them from writing their names down in the history books.

This savage group of madmen made up the future “American Royalty”. Like future President James Monroe, future Chief Justice John Marshall, and future Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Executed their “impossible” plan.

And to sum up history “beautifully,” they steamrolled the Hessian Army into submission.

This one victory turned the tides in the great American Revolution.

I share this to show you the secret to achieving the “impossible”.

To achieve the “impossible,” you need a group of madmen ready to go to war with you. A group of savages ready to help you achieve your goals.

This is why so many men inside the Modern Day Knight (MDK) Project are doing big things.

The MDK Brotherhood is made up of Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Sports Champions, Special Operations, and great men.

Who are ready to support you and go to battle with you to achieve the “impossible”.

I’d like to invite you to join the MDK Brotherhood.

So we can help you achieve the “impossible” like President George Washington did when he changed the course of history.

Talk soon,










Don’t Make The Same Mistake Benjamin Franklin Did

Benjamin Franklin had one regret that followed him to his grave.

He felt like a failure because of this one regret, even with all of his history-making accomplishments and inventions.

What was this one regret?

Not doing the right thing for his son.

In 1736, the smallpox epidemic was rampaging through the American Colonies. Destroying families and households left and right.

It kept fathers and mothers up at night trying to figure out how to protect their kids.

A smallpox solution was available but Franklin declined to get it for his son. 

This one decision resulted in his 4-year-old son passing away to smallpox.

This decision haunted Benjamin with regret until his last breath.

Today, many men will carry a similar regret to their last breath.

The regret of NOT showing their son how to be a man.

Unfortunately, many fathers will unintentionally carry this regret to their grave.


Because right now, a “weak man epidemic” is sweeping across America.

This is why there is a surplus of passive-aggressive, insecure, and depressed men.

But you don’t need to make your son a victim of an epidemic as Benjamin Franklin did.

You can show your son:

  • How to carry himself with his head held high. 
  • What it takes to be a confident leader.
  • How to be a strong man the world desperately needs.

You can show your son how to do this by being a strong man yourself.

But that’s easier said than done.

It took me a decade to figure out how to be a better man, father, husband and leader.

So I figured out a way to time collapse a decade worth of personal development into 75 hours with the Modern Day Knight (MDK) Project.

The MDK Project is a personal development experience only for men who want to level up in business and in life as purpose-driven leaders.

Right now, there are only a handful of spots left for the upcoming February class.

Do the right thing for your son so you don’t live a life full of regret like Benjamin Franklin did.

To your success,









Do you have this fantasy too?

Do you have the fantasy of living alone in the woods?

As great of an idea as it sounds in our heads, it won’t workout the way we think it would.

It’s not that we won’t be able to survive, but we’ll get lonely fast.

Men aren’t designed to be alone.

We’re designed to be in a brotherhood.

So here are 3 reasons why men need to join a brotherhood in 2022.

  1. No More Suffering In Silence 

Society forces men to believe they have to suffer in silence and not ask for help when problems arise. 

Men are tribal creatures, so suffering in silence goes against everything we were biologically designed for.

With a brotherhood, you’re not alone. You’ll have a group of men you can rely, and lean on to help you when needed.

  1. Iron Sharpens Iron

Men are competitive mofos. They are always measuring up to see where they stand amongst their peers. Are they behind or ahead?

When you’re in a brotherhood of savages, you’ll feel a primal urge to level up without bringing others down. So you can show up better as a provider, leader and man.

  1. Feet To The Fire Accountability

Men need to be called out on their B.S. 

Women won’t do this. They’ll pat you on the back and say, “You’ll be okay.” But a man will look you directly in the eyes, tell where you F’D up, and then show you how to fix it.

In a brotherhood, you’ll be held accountable to operate at a higher standard. 

BONUS: Your Wife Secretly Wants You In One

Your lady may not consciously know she wants this. But she doesn’t want to be your sole confidant, or spiritual advisor. 

She wants to be your woman and nothing else, man. 

Your wife doesn’t want to bear the burdens you have on top of hers. She’s looking to you to relieve them, not add to them.

With a brotherhood, men will help you carry the burden, so you’re not alone.

This is why men need to surround themselves with men in a brotherhood instead of “lone wolf” in the forest.

As appealing as it sounds, you’ll be more emotionally and spiritually alone than you feel right now.

Talk soon,


P.S. If you want to join a brotherhood in 2022, I can’t suggest a better one than the Modern-Day Knight Brotherhood.

It’s full of savages who don’t settle for mediocrity and get after it.

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3 C’s That Are Keeping You Down

Everywhere I turn I see people who’ve succumbed to complacency, comfort, and convenience. It’s not a pretty picture. 

People spend their days thinking about, speaking about, and worrying about the next “bad” thing that might be heading their way—then wonder WHY they’re not further ahead in their life, living in the body they desire, or enjoying the wealth and prosperity they crave…

If you’re reading this, my gut tells me it’s because you’re ready to kick complacency, comfort, and convenience to the curb… kind of like the woman I’m about to introduce you to…

This woman is a dear friend of mine, an 8-figure business owner, is in the process of taking a (separate) company public this summer, takes 5 months off every year, AND is a living mother and wife!

Her name is Shanda Sumpter, and she’s a true example of what’s possible when you put down your excuses and just GO FOR IT!

Shanda recently sat down with her videographer and cut an interview about how she approaches life and business, that is so raw and so real they knew they had to get it out into the world in a BIG way.

So, sure, I could write some long drawn out email trying to convince you that taking the time to watch the video linked below might possibly be one of the best investments in education you could make this year, but the truth is, if closing the gap between where you are right now and where you truly want to be isn’t compelling enough… that’s on you.

Go watch the video here – it’s free.

Talk soon,









Dads have 2 choices

I realized I had one of two choices when my son was born:

To be an example or to be a warning.

When you’re a father, you’re either a role model of what a well-lived life looks like. A life lived with passion, purpose, and service to others.

Or you’ll be a cautionary tale of what happens when you avoid and ignore your calling and instead live a life of mediocrity.

Our father figures were warnings of what not to be for many of us.

Intentional or not, they showed us what not to do. They showed us the causes and effects of not:

  • Saying an “attaboy” after doing something good.
  • Giving a hug
  • Taking ownership of their lives and pointing the finger at everyone except themselves.

Most men experience this and repeat the same mistake of their fathers. 

They become the very thing they hated most. 

But that doesn’t mean our kids have to watch and experience us repeating the cycle.

We can show them what it means to be a man. A leader. A man of service. A Servant Leader.

Fathers are the secret to showing kids how to:

  • Survive everyday problems without losing their cool.
  • Deal with difficult people.
  • Say and keep a promise.
  • How to show up as a man to their spouse, kids, and community. 

It’s our duty to show them how to be better men and leaders.

I’m curious. 

What is your son seeing right now?

Look man, if you’re not happy with the answer, I get it.

Hundreds of men, including myself, weren’t happy with our answer either.

And that’s a good thing because it means there’s still time for us to change.

We can still repair our relationship with ourselves and our kids.

We can still be the example of what a man is.

So they can see what it means to be a man.

If you try to do this alone, it could take years.

Or it can be done in less than a day with the Squire Program.

The Squire Program is a father and son experience that transforms young boys into men.

It’ll show them how to: 

  • Carry himself as a true masculine man.
  • Be a servant leader and protector to others.
  • Have clarity on his path and life purpose.

Most importantly, know what a man’s role is to their family, spouse, kids and community. This is something we’ve been missing over the past two decades.

I’ve seen this program transform timid boys into confident young men.

I’ve also seen this program empower fathers in raising their boys into confident and capable men.

This is some powerful stuff.

Look, I don’t know if this is right for you.

But if you want your son to be a confident, competent, and driven leader who can have an impact on the world, this is for you (and son).

There are only a few spots left for the January 15th class.

We also have a class happening in Maine in May and Austin in July.

Hurry before the last few spots are filled.

Be the example, not a warning with the Squire Program (click here)

Remember: Your son is watching you. Seeing if you’ll serve as an example of great humanity or a warning of a life wasted.

Live accordingly!

To your success,









Clone Your Superstar Employees With My “Weird” Alien Abduction Manual

Do you believe in aliens?

The Pentagon confirmed UFOs were real in 2020.

There are cases all around the globe of people being abducted.

What if one of your superstar employees was abducted by aliens?

Would your business crumble in weeks?

If it would, use my “Alien Abduction Manual” to make your business crumble-proof after an alien abduction.

Look, alien abduction or not, employees will come and go. 

Some will move on to other opportunities, and others will be fired.

The point of this email is to not talk about alien conspiracy theories. But it’s to talk about the systems and processes you have in your business.

I’ll talk about this manual in a second. But I need to share with you why so many entrepreneurs struggle with delegating and creating systems and processes for their businesses to grow and scale. 

Many entrepreneurs fall into the common trap of carrying the burden, even with a team in place. 

This then causes them to do a lot of the trivial work. Like book appointments, customer support, and etc.


Your team is designed for you to outsource the trivial many. So you can focus on the critical few that are only in your zone of genius.

What’s your zone of genius? 

It’s the stuff only you can do and no one else. That can be sales calls, copywriting, client relationships, etc.

Your team is supposed to keep you in your zone of genius and nowhere else.

So how do you create systems and processes in place to stay in your zone of genius?

You create an “Alien Abduction Manual”.

An Alien Abduction Manual is a 3-ring binder that’s updated every 90 days by your employees to establish systems and processes in place to scale faster.

In other words, a training manual. 

This manual will then help you document every step your employee does. So just in case they’re abducted by aliens, you can prevent your business from crumbling.

Your missing employee may be off-planet, but that doesn’t mean your business operations have to be too. 

So to quickly plug someone in to fill in their role, use the Alien Abduction Manual to help them get up to speed.

Now here’s the one caveat.

It’s not perfect because they’ll get to 70-80% of what the person is doing almost instantly. You “close the gap” with over-the-shoulder training and hands-on experience.

It’ll take weeks, months, or even a year to get a new employee up to speed in most businesses.

This is why I have alien abduction manuals all over my business. Because just in case someone gets abducted, my businesses would keep running.

If your goal is to step away from your business or scale it fast, a system and process are necessary for you to do this.

To your success,


P.S. I don’t know if this is right for you, but I’d like to invite you to join my Domination Year.

For 1 year, you and I will work 1-on-1 together to help you scale your business, break through bottlenecks, make millions more in income, and finally grow your business to its fullest potential.

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Use My Weird “Debragga” Client Acquisition Strategy

I have this strange “debragga” client acquisition strategy I’ve kept in my back pocket for years.

This one client acquisition strategy has helped me keep fistfuls of $50,000-$100,000 a year private coaching clients for 7+ years. Do the Lifetime Customer Value math on that!

Plus, this strategy helps me create amazing friendships with extraordinary people like Navy SEALs, Best-Selling Authors, Superstar Athletes, and much more.

I’ve only revealed the “debragga” client acquisition strategy in the most secretive of rooms. And now I’m going to reveal it to you.

Don’t let the simplicity of this strategy fool ya. 

Albert Einstein once said, “Simplicity is genius.”

All right, enough build-up, let me break this down.

The “debragga” client acquisition strategy is: Send steaks to prospective clients.

(Quick Note: Debragga is where I get my steaks from. They’re a butcher shop in New York that specializes in high quality stakes for some of the most popular steakhouse in the country – they happen to do mail order)

This strategy has turned the most stubborn prospects into loyal clients.

Why? Because who doesn’t love a juicy steak!

Don’t just send prospects steaks and think you’re both kosher. You need to pair this with a friendly follow-up of text messages or emails.  

There isn’t hard statistical data on this, but here’s my meta-theory about why it works so damn good.

When they take a bite out of the steak, or hear their spouse say, “let’s eat this for dinner”, or have their kids tell them how delicious it was, they’ll think of you.

No follow-up campaign I’ve ever seen can do that.

So when your prospect looks at your competitors and then you, it’ll become a no-brainer to do business with you. 

Plus, the steaks help make you more personal, likable and trusting. Which are the 3 things people need to buy.

So with each bite and steak they cook, a new layer of the like, know, and trust will be lathered on. Like peanut butter being spread on bread.

The “debragga” client acquisition strategy is a must-add to your business, especially if you have a recurring income with high ticket sales.

For example, a mastermind, a coaching program, or a franchise.

This is why I always help my clients install high-ticket offers inside their businesses. It gives them plenty of wiggle room to spend more to bring in customers without breaking the bank.

I can dive more into this another time, but I want to focus on the “debragga” strategy.

Now you don’t have to send prospects steaks. You can send them other things. Like wine, fruit baskets, or books.

Just choose whatever works best for you. (For me, it’s steak.)

This client acquisition strategy aims to have your prospect see that working with you is the best choice out there.

Each time I’ve executed this strategy, it has quickly opened doors people thought were welded shut.

I’d love for it to do the same for you in 2022.

Try the “debragga” client acquisition strategy to expand your business, and deepen current relationships.

Once you experience for yourself how powerful this simple strategy is you’ll only regret you didn’t do it sooner.

Happy New Year!



P.S. The “debragga” client acquisition strategy is only ONE tool I use daily to scale up my income and freedom. 

There are at least seven I can think of right now that can help you do the same thing. But we don’t have that kind of time on our hands.

But if you’re interested in plugging them into your business, I’d love to share them with you in person with my Domination Year.

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It’s the last year I’m doing it.